They're the most famous mothers you'll ever see on our local screens and as much they're painted as the bad guys, you have to admit that they're the reason why we watch the show they act on.

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In no particular order, here's the list of the evilest women we know on TV.
1. Mancwane (Mkabayi)

The scene saw Mkabayi confidently wield her AK47 sans bullet proof vest and instantly made her a hit on social media with some jokingly naming her 'gogo of the week.'

But moniker aside, Isibaya's writers have chronicled an era in which female leads are no longer relegated to villain roles reserved to insults, cutting comments and plots revolving around switching babies and fighting for men. Instead the soapie has proven that it takes its female actor's roles seriously and in Mkabayi, one finds a confident woman not afraid to stand among men
2. Sharon D
She has to be the funniest mom we know, but with a very dodgy side to her as well.
Sharon D, played by actress, Linda Sebezo on Greed & Desire is probably the main reason why we watch the show. She's not only conniving but hilarious as well.

3. Nomarussia
She's our ultimate evil mom, her ways are very dodgy but for some reason, Nomarussia played by Vatiswa Ndara always manages to makes us laugh.
4. Harriet

The prettiest and probably the most dangerous mom on TV land right now. Threaten her riches or her children and you could potentially find yourself six feet under.
Harriet plays no games and her best friend, besides money is a gun as well.

5. Nomsa Xaba
She was probably our Nomarussia back in the 90's with her voodoo ways on 90's hit series, Kwakhala Nyonini. Mam' Nomsa just like Nomarussia was just as hilarious, but her voodoo was serious.

With more than two decades in the acting industry, Mam' Xaba has given us a lot of memories with her numerous acting roles.