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#Muvhango Muvhango Teasers September - October - November 2017 (SABC2 )

Muvhango Teasers September 2017 – Upcoming SABC2 drama series ‘Muvhango’ teasers , previews, updates, episodes, highlights and spoilers for September 2017.

Coming up on Muvhango this September 2017:

Friday 1 September 2017
Episode 2851

Imani cannot live a lie any longer. She shocks the family. Matshidiso disappears. Rendani and Hangwani reach breaking point over Khensani.


Monday 4 September 2017
Episode 2852

James gets some horrific news. Gugu has to think of a way of getting Azwindini on her side. Rashaka is not happy with Bongi.

Tuesday 5 September 2017
Episode 2853

James reveals something shocking about Busi's death. Tendamudzimu makes Gugu feel uncomfortable.

Bongi goes above and beyond to impress Rashaka.

Wednesday 6 September 2017
Episode 2854

James stuns Imani when she tries to console him. Tendamudzimu learns of his wife's visit to the chief.

Hangwani is gobsmacked when she hears of an impending wedding in the family.

Thursday 7 September 2017
Episode 2855

Azwindini is warned by his family against a potentially harmful proposal. James' loss is tearing him apart as the reality sinks in. Bongi is in deep trouble for a relationship she knows nothing about.

Friday 8 September 2017
Episode 2856

Livhu and Gugu need Tenda to get Azwindini's consent. Busi is laid to rest.


Monday 11 September 2017
Episode 2857

Tendamudzimu makes an indecent proposal to Gugu. Imani offers her support to James and is stung by his reaction. Bongi is accused of spreading a dangerous rumour.

Tuesday 12 September 2017
Episode 2858

Sthembiso has a mysterious new girlfriend. Gugu is desperate to stay away from Tenda. KK is blocking Matshidiso's attempts to get a job.

Wednesday 13 September 2017
Episode 2859

Matshidiso has got a secret weapon in her fight with KK. Sthembiso is soon going to meet his girlfriend in real life. Tenda won't budge and neither will Azwindini

Thursday 14 September 2017
Episode 2860

Matshidiso guns for KK's estate. Gugu pulls a brave move on Mulalo. Sthe plans a special welcome for his online girlfriend.

Friday 15 September 2017
Episode 2861

Livhuwani threatens her husband with divorce. KK receives a court summons.Vusi and Rendani poke holes in Sthe's relationship.


Monday 18 September 2017
Episode 2862

Livhu shows Tenda she means business. Matshidiso picks a number. Rendani uncovers the truth about Sthe's girlfriend.

Tuesday 19 September 2017
Episode 2863

Tendamudzimu is pushed into a corner and makes a bold decision. Matshidiso ends up in the boot of her abandoned car. Sthembiso gets a rude awakening about his girlfriend.

Wednesday 20 September 2017
Episode 2864

Vhutshilo asks Azwindini for career advice. Matshidiso is determined to get half of all KK’s assets.

Tenda makes a move on Gugu.

Thursday 21 September 2017
Episode 2865

Tendamudzimu falls at Azwindini’s feet. KK tries to rattle Matshidiso’s cage. Vhutshilo battles with his academic future.

Friday 22 September 2017
Episode 2866

Tendamudzimu offends Azwindini once again. KK tries to talk Matshidiso out of going to court. Vhutshilo wants a career in radio broadcast.


Monday 25 September 2017
Episode 2867

Livhuwani is unaware that she is being tailed. Will Mudi bring KK and Matshidiso together?

Azwindini is not pleased with Vhutshilo’s career choice.

Tuesday 26 September 2017
Episode 2868

Livhu opens Tenda’s envelope and she’s not happy with what she sees. Matshidiso learns of another way she can make KK pay. Azwindini gets Vhutshilo to rethink his career choice.

Wednesday 27 September 2017
Episode 286

Livhuwani confronts Tenda about the envelope. Then she discovers her stolen briefcase. Matshidiso finally gets the upper hand over KK. Vhutshilo makes a wise career decision for 2018.

Thursday 28 September 2017
Episode 2870

Livhuwani wants to know what else Tenda is hiding from her. Rashaka offers to help KK.

Vusi meets Vuyiseka for the first time.

Friday 29 September 2017
Episode 2871

Livhuwani is at the end of her wits with her husband. Matshidiso cries on Rashaka’s shoulder.

Vusi shows an interest in another girl.

Muvhango is on SABC2 Mondays to Fridays at 21h00. 

Coming up on Muvhango this October 2017:

Monday 2 October 2017
Episode 2872

Livhuwani confronts Gugu. Matshidiso has a surprise for KK. Sthe bumps into an old friend.

Tuesday 3 October 2017
Episode 2873

Rantho and Livhu clash over Gugu. Mudi has gone missing. Sthe tells Vusi about the new girl in his life.

Wednesday 4 October 2017
Episode 2874

Gugu reveals shocking truths about Tenda to Livhu. Hangwani's headaches culminate in terrifying news. Sthe and Vusi's infatuation for the same girl continues.

Thursday 5 October 2017
Episode 2875

Tendamudzimu might have cancer. Hangwani's headaches are getting worse. Vusi takes Vuyiseka for an interview.

Friday 6 October 2017
Episode 2876

Mudi goes missing...again! Tenda gets his results. Strange things keeps happening to Hangwani and Gizara. What is going on?


Monday 9 October 2017
Episode 2877

KK gets information about Mudi's whereabouts. Vusi and Sthembiso are headed for a confrontation.

Mulimisi wants to speak to Gizara and Hangwani - he's been having troubling dreams about them.

Tuesday 10 October 2017
Episode 2878

Masindi threatens to take Mudi to Venda. Mankosi and her church ladies lay hands of prayer on Hangwani.

Sthembiso goes out of his way to impress Vuyiseka.

Wednesday 11 October 2017
Episode 2879

The plot thickens in the Mulaudzi household. Has Gizara been bewitched? Is Vusi falling for Vuyiseka?

Thursday 12 October 2017
Episode 2880

Rendani sees a ghost. Vho-Masindi fights for Mudi. Vuyiseka has her eyes on someone else.

Friday 13 October 2017
Episode 2881

Gizara takes a turn for the worse. Vho-Masindi attends to sow division between KK and Tshidi. Vusi and Sthe are shocked by what Vuyi has to say to them.


Monday 16 October 2017
Episode 2882

Matshidiso is torn between her love of money and doing what's right. Vusi admits that being a dad is not easy. Gizara's life hangs in the balance.

Tuesday 17 October 2017
Episode 2883

Masindi traps Matshidiso in a deal to betray KK. Vho-Sara suspects Hangwani of witchcraft. Thandaza bars the mention of James's name in her house.

Wednesday 18 October 2017
Episode 2884

The noose around Matshidiso's neck tightens. Has peace been restored in the royal house? Busi is remembered.

Thursday 19 October 2017
Episode 2885

Azwindini decides to face the villagers. Matshidiso turns on Vho-Masindi. Vusi appeals to both Thandaza and James.

Friday 20 October 2017
Episode 2886

KK has renewed disdain for the Vhakwevho but finally reconnects with Mudi. Gizara returns from hospital fit as a fiddle and his wives lock horns. James and Thandaza get stuck in a lift and sparks fly.


Monday 23 October 2017
Episode 2887

Thandaza accepts that she will never reconcile with James. Vho-Hangwani and Vho-Sara make peace. Rashaka tries to restore peace with KK.

Tuesday 24 October 2017
Episode 2888

Gizara has got exciting news for the chief concerning a neighbouring royal family. Mulalo gets a visit from someone from his past. Thandaza feels that James is trying to force her out of the company.

Wednesday 25 October 2017
Episode 2889

Rendani's family have a surprise for her. But will she think it's a pleasant one? Thandaza lets James know that she will always be the head of Basadi. Mulalo decides to hire a P.A but he doesn't tell Teboho who it is.

Thursday 26 October 2017
Episode 2890

Something terrible befalls Thandaza's family. Azwindini refuses to force Rendani into an arranged marriage.

Teboho forbids Mulalo from getting a female P.A.

Friday 27 October 2017
Episode 2891

There is conflict in the royal house when Rendani makes her decision known. Will Vusi pull through? Teboho and Azwihangwisi meet.


Monday 30 October 2017
Episode 2892

Rendani is declared missing. Vusi relapses. Teboho sees something she was not meant to see.

Tuesday 31 October 2017
Episode 2893

Rendani's disappearance has turned the royal house upside down. Then comes the news of her whereabouts. James is vulnerable over Vusi's critical condition. Ranthomeng and Thandaza finally show up at the hospital. Mulalo's secret finally gets revealed in a sexy dress.


Muvhango is on SABC2 Mondays to Fridays at 21h00.

Coming up on Muvhango this November 2017:

Wednesday 1 November 2017
Episode 2895

Gizara tries to negotiate Rendani's return. Ranthomeng questions Vusi's true paternity. Teboho wants to be assured that nothing is going on with Mulalo and Azwihangwisi.  

Thursday 2 November 2017
Episode 2896

Will Rendani escape from her captors? Ranthomeng misses yet another 'big moment' in Vusi's life.
Will Teboho get Mulalo to perform a DNA test?

Friday 3 November 2017
Episode 2897

Azwindini declares a war against the Ramashia's. Vusi words and his first words are not what Rantho was expecting. Vho-Mukondeleli blames herself for Teboho's conduct.

Monday 6 November 2017
Episode 2898

Rendani reveals details about her kidnapping. Vusi shares a revelation about Busi. James opens up to Thandaza. Mulalo has a surprise for Teboho.

Tuesday 7 November 2017
Episode 2899

James is back at Basadi running things without Thandaza. Mulalo wants Teboho to have a naming ceremony. Rendani is accused of attempted murder.

Wednedsay 8 November 2017
Episode 2900

The family cannot believe the charges that have been brought against Rendani. Teboho is not enjoying the crash course she's receiving in Venda culture. Matshidiso starts pouring poison in James's ear. But will he listen to her?

Thursday 9 November 2017
Episode 2900

The family cannot believe the charges that have been brought against Rendani. Teboho is not enjoying the crash course she's receiving in Venda culture. Matshidiso starts pouring poison in James's ear. But will he listen to her?

Friday 10 November 2017
Episode 2901

Instead of Phuluwa...another member of the Ramashia family arrives to speak to the Vhawevho. Teboho asks Susan's advice about the naming ceremony. Ranthomeng warns Thandaza about James.

Monday 13 November 2017
Episode 2902

Matodzi reaches out for Rendani's help. Vusi returns home from hospital. Teboho prepares for her naming ceremony.

Tuesday 14 November 2017
Episode 2903

Is Rendani right about the Ramashias? Ranthomeng's paranoia worsens. Teboho is nervous about her renaming ceremony.

Wednesday 15 November 2017
Episode 2904

Azwindini's plans anger Ranthomeng. Rendani learns she was wrong about Matodzi. Teboho is given a new name.

Thursday 16 November 2017
Episode 2905

Rendani receives good news about her case. But the rumours about her and Matodzi could threaten her case. Thandaza realises why Ranthomeng has been acting out against James. But the war is far from over.
Nyamukamadi proves to be a good Venda wife for Mulalo.

Friday 17 November 2017
Episode 2906

Matodzi tells Rendani news that stuns her. Nyamukamadi is taking her duties a bit too seriously for Mulalo's liking. Ranthomeng is not happy about all the arrangements to honour James.

Monday 20 November 2017
Episode 2907

Chief Ramashia is hospitalized. Ranthomeng has an emotional outburst. Nyamukamadi emerses herself in Venda culture.

Tuesday 21 November 2017
Episode 2908

Is Rendani being objective? Ranthomeng mans up. Nyamukamadi overhears unpleasant things about her new name.

Wednesday 22 November 2017
Episode 2909

Rendani's interview backfires. Azwindini and Rantho find common ground. Mulalo worries Teboho is going back to her old ways.

Thursday 23 November 2017
Episode 2910

Chief Ramashia's situation deteriorates and the Vhakwevho fear the worst. Ranthomeng finally makes amends with James. Nyamukamadi gets herself in hot water over her new name.

Friday 24 November 2017
Episode 2911

Vusi reconsiders his future Nyamukamadi faces the elders about her new name Azwindini drops the case against Phuluwa

Monday 27 November 2017
Episode 2912

Rashaka has a mysterious visitor. Matodzi thanks Rendani for her generosity. Matshidiso has her eye on a new victim. Will he escape her clutches or be caught in her web?

Tuesday 28 November 2017
Episode 2913

The Ramashias are fined damages of R100 000. Livhuwani still wants to fight for her marriage. Matshidiso sends Sthembiso mixed signals.

Wednesday 29 November 2017
Episode 2914

Livhuwani learns that her husband is seeing another wormn. Vusi struggles with understanding why Katlego leaft her baby. Matshidiso toys with Sthembiso.

Thursday 30 November 2017
Episode 2915

Mpho and Dee get into a fight. What's going on with Katlego? Nonny re-ignites Sthe's hope.

Muvhango is on SABC2 Mondays to Fridays at 21h00.

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List of actors and actresses who star in Muvhango (list of Muvhango cast members)

List of Characters
  • Gabriel Temudzani — Azwindini
  • Sindi Dlathu — Thandaza
  • Brian Themba — Ranthumeng
  • Maumela Mahuwa — Susan
  • Mcdonald Ndou — KK
  • Azwi Malaka — Pfuluwani
  • Sydney Ramakuwela — Mulalo
  • Dingaan MokebeJames
  • Murabeli Rasalanavho — Vho-Mukondeleli
  • Humbulani Tsharani — Mulimisi
  • Simphiwe Ngema  Thuli
  • Cynthia Shange  Mankosi
  • Bontle Sithole   Busi
  • Phindile Gwala   Nonny
  • Liteboho Molise   Tebogo
  • Phuti Khomo   Carol
  • Buhle Samuels   Matshidiso
  • John Morapama   Lerumo
  • Tshidi Vera   Moriti
  • Nkululeko Tshirumbula — Gundo
  • Raphael Griffiths — Vusi
  • Mona Monyane – Nthabeleng
  • Shonisani
  • Hangwanie
  • Sthe
  • Tryphina

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