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Zee World - King of Hearts Weekly Teasers May - June 2017

King of Hearts Teasers May 2017 – Upcoming Zee World drama series ‘King of Hearts’ teasers , previews, updates, episodes, highlights and spoilers for May 2017.

Zee World Weekly Highlights  March 2017

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Coming up on King of Hearts this May 2017:

Friday 26 May 2017
Episode 216

Roshni decides to leave everyone and everything behind. Sid tries to stop her, but then he hears that the train she was on crashed and that there were no survivors. Just when it looked like Sid lost Roshni forever, he gets a small ray of hope.

Monday 29 May 2017
Episode 217

Roshni still struggles to come to terms with DD's death and she refuses to be associated with him. Sid saves Aanya's life in the nick of time. Simran sees Aanya and Sid together and she immediately has other plans for the two of them.

Tuesday 30 May 2017
Episode 218

Sid now finds himself trapped in Aanya's world, as her family thinks Sid is married to Aanya. To make matters worse, Sid meets Aanya's elder brother Neil. Simran sees Kesar and she begins to wonder what is his reason for coming back.

Wednesday 31 May 2017
Epiosde 219

Naina tries her best to help Sid and Neil get along. Sid catches Ragini as she slips in the dark and as the lights come on he realises that she is Roshni. Both Sid and Roshni are at a loss for words.

Coming up on King of Hearts this June 2017:

Thursday 1 June 2017
Episode 220

Roshni finally tells Sid why it is that she changed her name/identity to Ragini. Mitul sees Roshni and Sid talking and it starts to raise suspicion within her. Sid breaks down completely and he tells Raj and Bunty who Ragini really is.

Friday 2 June 2017
Episode 221

Sid tries everything in his power to make Roshni's life extremely difficult. Simran finds out that Roshni is back and she goes to pay her a visit. Sid overhears Roshni asking Neil to marry her.

Monday 5 June 2017
Episode 222

Sid and Aanya's little arrangement becomes very serious as she reveals to Sid that she is now pregnant. Sid begins his hunt for Aarav... will he find him before he looses Roshni forever?

Tuesday 6 June 2017
Episode 223

Sid stops the engagement by kidnapping Roshni and in the end all he gets in return is jail time. Aanya figures out that Sid is actually Ragini's ex-husband and she desides to take matters into her own hands.

Wednesday 7 June 2017
Episode 224

Raj decides to use Mitul to figure out what Sid's intentions are. Things are heating up, when Roshni figures out that Sid has been toying with her all this time.

Thursday 8 June 2017
Episode 225

Sid takes Aanya to see Aarav in hospital. Naina overhears Sid talking and as a result she makes a very shocking decision - a decision that shakes the very foundation of Sid and Roshni's relationship.

Friday 9 June 2017
Episode 226

Mitul starts a fire in the kitchen, with the intention of turning up the heat between Sid, Roshni and Neil. Sid's plans backfire and now he has to watch Neil and Roshni get engaged in front of him.

Monday 12 June 2017
Episode 227

Sid and Aanya come up with a briliant plan to bring Roshni and him together again. Will their plan be succesful or will Roshni's stubborn nature still get the better of her?

Tuesday 13 June 2017
Episode 228

Neil introduces the face of Mauve magazine as none other than Ragini Desai. It becomes clearer to Sid, that with each passing day, Roshni is drifting futher away from him.

Wednesday 14 June 2017
Episode 229

Roshni goes over to Sid's house, hoping to clear things up with him, but instead she bumps into Simran. Mitul's son Ranjit comes into the picture and he begins to create even more obstacles in Roshni's way.

Thursday 15 June 2017
Episode 230

Ranjit realises that it was Sid who attacked him in the lift. Simran does everything in her power to ensure that Roshni and Sid don't meet up and talk things through.

Friday 16 June 2017
Episode 231

Roshni finally confesses her feelings towards Siddharth, only problem is that it was Neil and not Sid in the background. Simran uses Aanya's pregnancy to fill Roshni's mind with even more lies.

Monday 19 June 2017
Episode 232

Neil confronts Roshni and despite knowning about her past, he still wants to get married. Aanya draws up a fake marriage certificate, question is... are they really fake or is it all part of Simran's plans?

Tuesday 20 June 2017
Episode 233

Sid plans to go away, all because he can't take seeing Roshni married to another man. Naina overhears Sid and Aanya's conversation and she somehow compels Sid to stay in her house.

Wednesday 21 June 2017
Episode 234

Mitul and her son Ranjit, stir things up between Sid, Roshni and Neil. Aanya confesses that she has feelings for Sid. Aanya and Simran come up with a plan which will force Sid to stay.

Thursday 22 June 2017
Episode 235

Neil sees Roshni and Sid all alone together at the office and immidiately he loses his cool. Naina begins her search to find out all about DD Patel. Naina discovers that Sid and Roshni are still married.

Friday 23 June 2017
Episode 236

Mitul strikes again, this time she adds Sid and Roshni's wedding photos into the presentation for everyone to see. Sid discovers something disturbing about Neil. Seems Aanya has a hidden agenda.

Monday 26 June 2017
Episode 237

Ranjit confirms Sid's suspicions of Neil being mentally unstable. Sid tells Roshni about Neil's condition. Roshni's lipstick gets stuck on Sid's jacket by accident and Aanya sees the lipstick on the jacket.

Tuesday 27 June 2017
Episode 238

Sid spots Mitul and Ranjit talking to an unknown woman. Aanya continues to lie to Sid about Aarav. Sid plans a romantic dinner for Roshni and Neil, little does he know that Mitul will use this against him.

Wednesday 28 June 2017
Episode 239

Sid figures out that Mitul is behind the sudden rift in the family. Sid's plan fails and Roshni really gets kidnapped by unknown thugs - now Sid and Neil have to work together. Will they be able to coexist?

Thursday 29 June 2017
Episode 240

Neil's knee gets severely hurt thanks to Ranjit's reckless driving. Ranjit blackmails Aanya into doing his dirty work. Sid and Roshni find out who the person is responsible for Neil's condition, his ex-fiancee Ria.

Premiere episodes of King of Hearts air on Zee World from Mondays to Fridays at 21h00.

Be sure to tune into King of Hearts at  CAT 21h00 |  WAT: 20h00 | EAT 22h00 every Monday to Friday on Zee World  (Channel 166).

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"King of Hearts" is the story of Siddharth, who despite being a jet-setting hotelier with a growing empire to attend to, takes it upon himself to repair the estranged relationship between his wife Roshni and mother-in law Durga Devi. While Durga Devi has seen the trials and tribulations of poverty and struggled her way up to riches, she has hardened over the years and developed a somewhat condescending view of the middle class. Daughter Roshni has a rebellious streak. With an independent mind of her own, she isn't about to treat Durga,

Devi ‘s ideologies as the Gospel truth. Born in the lap of luxury, she hasn't let her riches spoil her silly. Siddarth and Roshni are constantly put under tests to prove their love or sacrifice their love in-order to bring happiness within the house.
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