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Zee World - Sands Of Time Drama Weekly Teasers January 2017

Sands of Time is on Zee World from Mondays to Fridays at 22h00.

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     Coming up oComing up on Twist of Fate in January 2017:

    Monday 2 January 2017
    Episode 86

    Pragya agrees to Abhi’s condition even though it could mean the two of them being separated forever. Abhi manages to manipulate Suresh into agreeing to marry Pragya.

    Tuesday 3 January 2017
    Episode 87

    Pragya confronts Suresh about agreeing to the wedding. Mitali urges Aliya to get Raj released. Aliya and Tanu look forward to Pragya’s exit from the house.

    Wednesday 4 January 2017
    Episode 88

    Aliya tells Tanu that after Pragya has left the house, Bulbul will be her next target. Abhi helps Pragya get ready for her wedding. Suresh warns Bulbul that only he and Pragya know the truth. Pragya goes missing just before the wedding.

    Thursday 5 January 2017
    Episode 89

    Abhi finds Pragya and brings her back home. She agrees to get married when Abhi blackmails her about the video. Abhi burns his hand and Pragya ends up leaving her wedding to help him. Pragya dreams of Abhi stopping the wedding.

    Friday 6 January 2017
    Episode 90

    Aliya, Tanu and Mitali stress over the sender of the sms. An envelope arrives for Abhi and the three suspect it has proof against them. Abhi learns of Pragya’s innocence and exposes the person behind the scheming.

    Monday 9 January 2017
    Episode 91

    Abhi warns Aliya to leave the sisters alone. Aliya is shocked to see this side of her brother, but agrees to do as he says, but she has a condition. Pragya is over the moon that the wedding has been called off.

    Tuesday 10 January 2017
    Episode 92

    A furious Aliya threatens to make life difficult for Pragya. Abhi’s grandmother is awake. Abhi hears Bulbul and Pragya talking about Purab. He then asks Purab to marry the girl that he chooses for him. For Abhi’s happiness, Purab agrees.

    Wednesday 11 January 2017
    Episode 93

    Abhi has a shocking request from Purab and Bulbul. Tanu thinks Abhi wants to get Aliya and Purab married. Aliya is over the moon but Abhi seems to have other plans.

    Thursday 12 January 2017
    Episode 94

    Abhi reveals to Aliya that he is getting Purab married to Bulbul. Bulbul is happy that she will finally be marrying the love of her life. Aliya tries to end her life.

    Friday 13 January 2017
    Episode 95

    Aliya tells Abhi that she will support his decision in getting Purab and Bulbul married. Aliya seems to have a change in behavior towards Bulbul but she refuses to believe that Aliya has in any way changed.

    Monday 16 January 2016
    Episode 96

    Aliya saves Bulbul's life from a life threating accident planned by her friend, Tanu.  This act convinces Bulbul that Aliya has indeed changed, could she have an ulterior motive behind all of this?

    Tuesday 17 January 2017
    Episode 97

    Suresh is heartbroken after hearing that Bulbul will be marrying Purab. Tanu overhears Suresh talking about his disappointment. Suresh causes a scene at Abhi’s house.

    Wednesday 18 January 2017
    Episode 98

    Purab and Bulbul continue trying to help Pragya and Abhi get closer together. Tanu realises that the two are up to something and tries to stop their plans from succeeding.

    Thursday 19 January 2017
    Episode 99

    Tanu realises that Abhi is getting closer to Pragya. She approached Aliya and blames her for Abhi's behavior. Someone throws Bulbul, who cannot swim, into a pool.

    Friday 20 January 2017
    Episode 100

    Aliya reveals her true colours. It appears that Aliya has been behind all Bulbul’s problems but Pragya thinks her friend, Tanu is to blame.

    Monday 23 January 2017
    Episode 101

    Bulbul's efforts to bring Pragya and Abhi together keep failing, all because Tanu keeps on getting in the way. It's Tanu's birthday, Bulbul takes the opportunity to embarrass her and put her in her place.

    Tuesday 24 January 2017
    Episode 102

    Bulbul and Purab encourage Pragya to express her feelings for Abhi to him. Tanu is doing all she can to win the bet against Bulbul.

    Wednesday 25 January 2017
    Episode 103

    Tanu comes up with a plan to pressurise Abhi into leaving Pragya and marrying her. Will this plan of hers work?

    Thursday 26 January 2017
    Episode 104

    Aliya sees Purab and Bulbul being intimate, this brings about anger and resentment in her heart.

    Friday 27 January 2017
    Episode 105

    Tanu tries to spend time with things that don’t always go her way. Abhi has to cancel his plans with Tanu to go to dinner at Sarla's house with Pragya.

    Monday 30 January 2017
    Episode 106

    Abhi and Tanu get into a fight and Abhi ends up comparing Tanu to Pragya, praising Pragya's strengths against Tanu's weaknesses. Tanu’s mother requests to meet Abhi’s family, how will he handle the pressure he is faced with?

    Tuesday 31 January 2017
    Episode 107

    Aliya's plans to hurt Bulbul flops and the person who saved her is one who once caused her pain. Aliya finds herself in a difficult situation, Neel kidnaps them after finding out that they are responsible for Bulbul's attempted attack.

    Premiere episodes of Twist of Fate air on Zee World from Mondays to Fridays at 20h00.

    Sands of Time premiered on Zee World on Monday night (7 November) at 22h00, replacing Krishi which ended on Friday (4th).

    The series airs daily and puts the spotlight on a highly underexposed theme: the impact of gang rape. The series centres round Jia, a woman who faces a struggle to get acceptance from her family and community after she is gang raped.

    This is the official synopsis, followed by the teasers for the first month:

    Jia's story is one of sheer determination and bravery as she offers herself up to her rapists saving her unmarried sister in law Arushi from them.
    Saving Arushi may have been a noble act on Jia’s part and while her family appreciate her sacrifice, they are still unable to completely accept her back into the family. Jia is a quiet, accommodating daughter-in-law, intent on upholding her family’s honour.
    Sands of Time traces Jia's difficult but courageous battle against the stigma - to emerge strong and stand tall in the face of a damning society.

    Be sure to tune into Sands Of Time Drama at CAT 22h00 | WAT: 21h00 | EAT 23h00 every Monday to Friday on Zee World (Channel 166).

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