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Zee World - Young Dreams Teasers October - November 2016

Zee World Weekly Highlights - October 2016

Wednesday 19 October 2016 : 'S1/E1 - 1/1'. Sneha finds it hard to communicate with her sister Shail after what happened in the past. Gunjan and Rachna, who are exact opposites of one another, both love their respected mother's a lot.

Thursday 20 October 2016 :  'S1/E2 - 1/2'. Gunjan almost finds out about her mother's illness. Sneha finds out that the dance Gunjan has been practising was all for her. Dayal gives Shail tickets to Mumbai.

Friday 21 October 2016 : .'S1/E3 - 1/3'. Shail finds out about Sneha's condition and Sneha begs her not to tell Gunjan. Rachna finds it very hard to cope without her mother.

Monday 24 October 2016 : 'S1/E4 - 1/4'. Sneha asks Shail that after she passes on to please take care of Gunjan. Gunjan demands that Sneha be by the dance performance little did she know about why Shail and Akash are so hesitant to let her go.

Tuesday 25 October 2016 : 'S1/E5 - 1/5'. Sneha sees Gunjan one last time. Shail tells Dayal that she would like to scatter Sneha's ashes in Benaras. After a fun eventful day Rachna returns home, but soon her mood is spoiled when she hears aunt Sneha is no more.

Wednesday 26 October 2016 :  'S1/E6 - 1/6'. Gunjan finds it hard to immerse her mother's ashes. Gunjan gives everyone a hard time in Benaras, but she didn't know that everything was about to change. Shail tries her best to tell Dayal about the promise.

Thursday 27 October 2016 : 'S1/E7 - 1/7'. Gunjan falls into the river by mistake and it leads to Rachna jumping in to save her, only problem is Rachna can't swim. Gunjan's plans to escape Benaras are spoiled

Friday 28 October 2016 : 'S1/E8 - 1/8'. Dayal finds out that Rachna went with Gunjan to the market and that they not even back yet. Shail saves Gunjan in the nick of time from a life threatening situation.

Monday 31 October 2016 : 'S1/E9 - 1/9'. Shail herself, gets tired of the treatment she's been receiving from Gunjan and as a result she buys Gunjan a train ticket to Mumbai. Seema's eldest son Mayank returns and immediately Gunjan and Mayank don't see eye-to-eye.

Tuesday 01 November 2016 :  'S1/E10 - 1/10'. The friendship between Gunjan and Rachna slowly and steadily starts to grow. Mayank cuts the power at the exact moment Gunjan plugs in her appliances. Dayal's negative feelings towards Gunjan get stronger.

Wednesday 02 November 2016 : 'S1/E11 - 1/11'. The rivalry between Mayank and Gunjan heats up. Chhaya sets up a internet account for Rachna at the internet café and unknowingly Dayal nearly catches them.

Thursday 03 November 2016 : 'S1/E12 - 1/12'. Shail notices that Rachna and Chhaya are missing during the prayer ceremony, but she's not the only one that notices. Dayal finds out that Gunjan went behind his back and got a internet connection.

Friday 04 November 2016 :  'S1/E13 - 1/13'. Shail tells Gunjan that Dayal agreed to allow them to have internet. The unknown friend on Rachna's chat account sends her flowers and it causes a huge problem, as she doesn't know who he is.

Monday 07 November 2016 : 'S1/E14 - 1/14'. Rachna ignores all the warnings given by Gunjan and Chhaya and she decides to meet the mystery person on her chat account. Dayal accepts the alliance between Mayank and Charu.

Tuesday 08 November 2016 : 'S1/E15 - 1/15'. Mintu tells Rachna that if she doesn't go see him then he'll show the photos of them to her parents. Gunjan finds out that Mayank is the person that keeps smoking.

Be sure to tune into Young Dreams at CAT 19h00 | WAT: 18h00 | EAT 20h00 every Monday to Friday on Zee World (Channel 166).

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Young Dreams

Zee World continues to bring you the very best in Indian entertainment with a new heart-warming series Young Dreams which follows the story of two cousins from opposite ends of the world.
Starting on Zee World on DStv Channel 166 on 19 October at 19:00, the light-hearted family drama revolving around the lives of two teenagers Gunjan, a smart 17-year-old who has always been free-spirited girl living in Mumbai and Rachna, her conservative cousin.
Tragedy strikes the family when Gunjan’s mother Sneha dies of cancer and Gunjan has to live with Rachna and her conservative family. Both Gunjan and Rachna will have to adapt to each other’s lifestyles and Gunjan, who has always enjoyed her freedom, finds it difficult to adjust to this new constrained environment.
It’s a story of love, everlasting friendship and new beginnings and what starts out as tragedy ends in strong bonds of friendship and family.
Young Dreams is about celebrating adolescence as the two girls navigate their teenage years together, helping each other face growing pains. And we soon discover that each of them has something great to teach the other.
Gunjan helps Rachna realise her worth and heighten her confidence. While she learns lessons about patience and solidarity from Rachna.
Rachna’s father, Dayal, is the strict head of the family who makes it difficult for these two young ladies to openly deal with the usual adolescent challenges. This makes it difficult when love comes knocking for these two young ladies. Shail, Rachna’s mother, helps to pacify Dayal and keep the family atmosphere peaceful

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