When it comes to picking shoes are the only choices ugly comfortable shoes or fashionable high heels that hurt your feet, and could cause long-term problems?

Are there comfortable stylish shoes you can wear for almost any occasion? Fortunately, the answer is yes! Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of wearing comfortable stylish shoes.


There are times when you are going to be on your feet a lot. Business meetings, conventions, travelling, shopping and the like all require you to spend lots of time walking and standing. You want shoes that prioritize cushioning, arch support and roomy toe boxes. If you need or want something fashionable, ladies comfort heels come in all types and sizes. Wedge heels, and cowboy boots, for example, provide good foot and ankle support that allows you to be on your feet for hours.


You want shoes that provide good support. Sensible shoes provide proper support for your feet. This reduces the risk of foot pain, injuries and conditions like bunions or plantar fasciitis.


Comfortable shoes offer better stability and traction. If you plan on walking any distance you want comfortable safe shoes. You don’t have to be in the country to want shoes that provide a modicum of safety. Modern cities are littered with “landmines” and potential trip hazards from curbs, to subway grates.


You can find comfortable shoes for any occasion. Whether you’re plane hopping across the continent or attending a business convention, you have a lot of choices, You can find comfortable shoes for even the most fashionable occasion. Designers like Jimmy Choo and Valentino offer sensible shoes for an elegant evening. More budget-conscious shoppers can find lots of choices from Green’s Footwear.


Some people find sensible shoes less fashionable when compared to high heels. This can be particularly true for formal events like weddings or other special occasions. If you decide to wear high heels for these occasions try to pick shoes that provide more stability and comfort.
  • Platform Heels – these shoes can have an effective pitch that is lower than its overall height. Platform heels have more surface in contact with the ground giving you better support and stability.
  • Block Heels – provide increased stability due to their larger surface area. You can very often find block heels on a pair of stylish boots. Keep in mind, as with any closed-toe shoe that the toe box is large enough for your feet and fits properly.
  • Open Toe Heels – relieve the pressure on your toes of being forced together. Open-toe shoes help avoid in-grown toenails which result from your shoes squeezing your toes together.
  • Low Heels – are recommended by experts because wearing anything higher shifts your weight unnaturally forward to the ball of your foot. This changes the entire biomechanics of the way you walk. Long-term usage of high heels can come with lots of foot, ankle, leg and hip problems.

You can easily find stylish yet comfortable heels that work well with everything from denim to the most glamorous occasion.