Speech Pathologist
If you are a people person who loves helping others and you have an interest in languages, embarking on a career in speech pathology might be the perfect career for you. Once you become a certified speech pathologist, you work closely with the NDIS to help people of all ages with speech impairments, which is both challenging and rewarding.

Bachelor's degree in speech pathology

This is a full-time 4-year course that can be completed on campus, online or a mixture of both; many Australian universities offer this course, and you will have a mentor and access to a huge library of learning resources. Start with a Google search to discover the entry requirements for the course, then you can contact the learning institution that seems the best. There is always a demand and speech pathology jobs are not difficult to find, as Ability Action Australia is a national network.

Ability Action Australia

This organization connects people with disability to healthcare specialists, such as speech pathologists and occupational therapists. If you plan to study the degree course in speech pathology, we advise you to register with Ability Action Australia.

The benefits include:

  • On-the-move support – Action Ability Australia helps healthcare workers with vehicles, laptops, and smartphone costs.
  • Salary packaging – A range of salary packaging that makes your dollars go further.
  • Novated leasing – You can finance a new car through novated leasing.
  • Ongoing professional development – You always have the opportunity to develop your skills.
  • Career and promotion opportunities – As you would expect, there are always promotion opportunities within a nationwide organization and network. If you have entrepreneurial skills, click here.
  • Flexibility – This means you can blend your work with your life; your employer embraces flexibility within the work arena.
  • Supportive culture – Working with Ability Action Australia puts you in a positive, uplifting environment, working with supportive people who love what they do.

What does a speech pathologist do?

The career involves many activities, such as:
  • Working with people with autism, Down Syndrome, cerebral palsy, and intellectual difficulties.
  • Working with people to live with Parkinson’s Disease and dementia.
  • Helping people with development delays/impediments.
  • Working with stroke sufferers, speech training.
  • Helping those with sudden hearing loss.
You will typically work as part of a team, and together, you formulate patient development plans; planning is a significant aspect of your work.

Challenging & rewarding

It is a beautiful feeling when you see the results of hard work as patients regain their speech and witness steady development. There will be times when you feel like things are stacked against you, but with a dedicated team behind you, problems are overcome. Once you become a certified speech pathologist, many career opportunities will present themselves, and you will develop your skills while helping many people improve their quality of life.