As a business, you understand how valuable data extraction is. In fact, data has been made to be the king. There’s a lot of data available online. So, how do you collect essential data within the shortest time possible? How are some of the successful brands doing it? The answer is simple - real-time web scraping.

Gone are the days when companies used to collect data traditionally and manually. With a scraper and the ability to integrate your tool with proxies, you can collect extensive data in days. Why would you invest in collecting data when data is available online for free? I will agree that you can collect data for free from the web. But how long will it take to collect data?

The digital space market is fast-moving and growing. Things change daily, and you need to stay up to date with the information you collect; that’s where real-time web scraping comes in. You will agree that without data collection, it’s hard to compete effectively, especially in the e-commerce market. Real-time web scraping ensures you collect adequate data and launch the best marketing strategies to realize more significant sales volumes.

Data extraction won’t be possible without proxies. Many businesses today have taken measures to protect their sites from scrapers coming from corporations. If you use your company IP address to crawl the web, there is a high chance that your bot will be blocked. To avoid IP blacklisting and banning, use proxies. Proxies will mask your original IP address and allow you to harvest data unnoticed.

Specifically, backconnect proxies offer a powerful solution for those facing web scraping and data extraction challenges, particularly in a business context where website protections against scraping can be stringent. These proxies are designed to automatically rotate IP addresses at set intervals or with each new request, significantly reducing the risk of detection and IP blocking by target websites.

How can you use web scraping and proxies to shape your business strategy?

  • Real-Time Web Scraping: Using Proxies to Launch Business Strategies
  • Here are some ways you can use real-time web scraping for business.

Real-Time Web Scraping for Market Research 

Almost every business has gone online. This means one thing…competition! To gain a competitive edge, you must up your game. You can’t ignore market research when making business moves. That’s right; you must take your sweet time to adequately study your market to enjoy a competitive advantage. A data-directed route will take your marketing vehicle to the next level.

As mentioned earlier, many businesses have taken measures to protect their sites from business IP addresses. This move makes data scraping a challenging task. But not anymore, thanks to proxies. A proxy server makes it possible to send multiple requests under genuine and numerous IP addresses without raising eyebrows from the targeted sources. You can also use your scraping tools to collect data from social media and customer reviews and re-strategize accordingly.

Real-Time Web Scraping for Pricing Intelligence The e-commerce market is flooded and highly competitive. You must have the right strategy to beat your rivals. Pricing intelligence is one of the ways you can use to get a slice of the pie. This market is price sensitive and dynamic, and you must adjust your pricing depending on your competition.

A pricing intelligence scraper will ensure that you continually react to your competitors and adjust your prices to attract even more sales. Prices change daily on different e-commerce sites, and real-time web scraping ensures you react automatically and on time.

As a result, you can expect that you'll be able to implement a dynamic pricing strategy, where your prices adjust in response to market demands, competitor pricing, and availability. The real-time aspect of web scraping for pricing intelligence means you can react swiftly to changes in the market. Instead of relying on your intuition or outdated reports, you make pricing decisions based on current, actionable data.

Real-Time Web Scraping for Travel Fare Aggregation

To provide data that is appealing to a traveler, travel fare aggregators rely on data extraction from different sources, including:
  • Online travel agencies
  • Hotels
  • Flight sites
  • Train service providers
  • Bus service providers
Their aim is usually to provide a one-stop website displaying all travel-based real-time data convenient to travelers. The data provided has to be accurate to fuel their engines. Collecting data from popular online sites can be challenging since many have implemented safety checks to block bots. By using proxies, you can aggregate large data amounts within the shortest time possible.

Real-Time Web Scraping for SEO Monitoring

SEO directly determines whether a customer can visit your leading site. You can have the best product on the market, but no one will see it. Search engine ranking is critical. Significantly few people advance to page two of any search engine.

To attract more sales, you must strive to rank higher. How can you achieve this? Real-time web scraping allows you to collect data concerning:
  • Consumer search queries
  • Competition analysis
  • Best ranking keywords, etc.

Use real-time web scraping to identify trending queries and language patterns. Tailor your SEO and content to match consumer intent, increasing visibility and appeal. Analyze competitors' web data to learn about their pricing, products, and keywords. Use this insight to differentiate your offerings and improve your search rankings.

In addition, identify and incorporate top-ranking keywords from SERPs into your content. Analyze high-ranking pages to align your content strategy with user intent for better SEO results.

Proxies allow data to be collected from different sites anonymously without being noticed.

Real-time web scraping is the future of any business. Many successful companies rely on data harvesting to gain a competitive advantage. It’s either you join them or go home. Scraping cannot be possible without proxies. Ensure you buy your proxies from a trusted provider to complete the job. Thank you later!