Since the rise of e-Commerce in 2010 within a more mainstream business point of view, a massive new wave of so-called "mentors" surfaced. With many big examples (both from a good and bad point of view), and different niches of focus, mentorship as a matter became something that can't be ignored anymore. Here's why.

A Mentor IS A Guide

Given the fact that we're living in a fast-paced world, where business changes its facade almost every day, being able to follow someone's guidance is indeed something vital. What a mentor is, in fact, able to do is not related to guaranteed results, but it's more related to the fact that he (or she, because there are many important female mentors) could put someone who has the right idea in the right space, by moving him towards the right mindset, a crucial part of a successful entrepreneur's mindset.

How Big Is The Mentorship Market?

In order to better answer this question, we must analyze two separate (but in the end, very common) figures: Grant Cardone and Tai Lopez. These two are, in fact, two of the biggest online mentors at the minute, with millions of followers on their social media. Whilst Cardone is now starting to do physical conferences with his now worldwide famous 10x Growth, Lopez has a prolific Youtube and Instagram where he covers topics ranging from brand awareness to e-Commerce advertisement. Both these are generating millions from their ads, which is insane to imagine.

Is Mentorship Applicable To Just E-Commerce?

Although there has been a significant number of successful mentors who are just focusing on e-Commerce and drop shipping, there are also several ones who are targeting specific industries like the real estate ones or the finance ones (with bridging loans for example), with Cardone being the biggest example. In general, the mentorship game heavily applies to e-Commerce because of the fact that is an industry where having a solid business plan from the start is actually the source of proven success.

To Conclude

As said above, there are many scammers and people who are not actually experts in the craft but are just trying to let as many people sign to their "so-called courses" just to get some money. Mentorship in 2018 is a serious matter and has been covered by many titans in the entrepreneurship game, such as Elon Musk, who said that (especially in the tech industry) having a mentor from the start could be the best thing to do.

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