Over 130 million swimming pools grace homes across the country.

There is nothing like jumping into a pool in the height of summer -- hot or cold. And there is nothing like the frustration of having to take hours out of your busy schedule to clean up your pool.

But what if it was as easy to keep your pool clean as to use it?
Read on! Here are a few common mistakes in swimming pool maintenance that many people make. Avoid them and learn how to keep your pool clean easily.

1. Neglecting Water Chemistry

A chemical balance must be achieved to keep swim water safe and maintain a healthy pool environment. Poor water chemistry can lead to cloudy water, calcareous deposits, and even eye and skin irritations. Properly balancing chlorine, pH, and alkalinity is essential and can be done with a combination of test strips, a pool test kit, and the addition of water treatment chemicals.

2. Overlooking Filter Maintenance

An untended filter can lead to several other issues with your pool maintenance routine, including clogged pipes and cloudy water. The filter should be cleaned thoroughly every few weeks, and you should check it regularly to ensure it is running correctly.

You should also invest in Stainless Steel Jumbo Housings for your filtering system. This makes a quick visual inspection easy, which helps reveal any clogs. And if you do notice something unusual, you can troubleshoot the problem immediately.

3. Over-Chlorinating

Over-chlorinating occurs when there is too much chlorine in the pool, damaging our skin. To avoid this, always check the chlorine level in the pool with a test strip before adding chlorine. If the chlorine level is too high, use a chemical-reducing agent to return the stories to an appropriate range.

4. Skipping Regular Skimming

Skimming the pool is necessary maintenance that removes floating debris that can clog the pool filter. Failing to skim the surface of a swimming pool regularly can cause many problems and lead to more pool maintenance costs. LooIt’s recommended that the collection be flipped daily or at least weekly if you don’t use it often.

5. Ignoring Pool Water Level

While pool water levels are often neglected, it is essential to remember that they should be at least halfway up the skimmer. Low water levels can cause stress on the water pump and filter system, leading to broken or damaged parts. This can make cleaning and maintaining the pool difficult and costly.

To avoid these issues, check the water levels regularly, adjusting them accordingly as needed. If evaporation is causing the water level to drop, consider installing an automatic or solar pool cover to help keep the water warm and the water level constant.

6. Neglecting to Shock the Pool

Shocking the pool kills bacteria and helps maintain proper water chemistry. It is essential to shock regularly during hot months when weather and swimmers can increase the chances of bacteria. Have a shocking schedule based on local weather and pool use to avoid this mistake.

Avoid These Common Mistakes in Swimming Pool Maintenance

Common mistakes in swimming pool maintenance can be avoided by following simple tips. Follow these basic steps to keep your pool clean and sparkling, and enjoy a safe and refreshing swimming experience! If you have more questions or need more help, consult your local pool specialist.