The construction of a garden pool in Bowen is AUD 5-40 thousand. Additional costs are pumps, filters, cleaning devices, pool chemicals. You need to hire the best Bowen pool builder in order to get a swimming pool in your garden.

Garden pools - prices, types, construction, and maintenance costs

The garden swimming pool is a dream come true for every lover of swimming and spending time outdoors. The price of building a stationary swimming pool with standard dimensions (approx. 8 m long, approx. 4 m wide, and approx. 2 m deep) is, on average, AUD 30-40 thousand. AUD, not including the cost of maintaining the pool. A cheaper solution is plastic pools dug into the ground or on a rack, folded after the summer and stored until the next season.

A traditional stationary swimming pool is a very luxurious solution. Still, it is associated with costs related to its construction and its subsequent maintenance and the purchase of the necessary equipment and accessories. A cheaper but also attractive solution are portable garden pools, e.g., on a rack, inflatable, or expansion pools, which can be freely moved and stored at home.

Stationary garden pools - types

Permanent garden pools are a luxurious solution, which involves additional costs and constant care of the pool. Several types of stationary swimming pools can be placed in the garden, which differs, above all, in the material from which the pool basin was made.

Brick pools - these are the most expensive structures. However, they are very durable and resistant to weather conditions. Concrete or reinforced concrete blocks are used for their construction, covered with tiles or covered with a special reinforced foil.

Polyester pools - they are easy and quick to install. The construction of the basin occurs in the factory, and the finished product is delivered to the customer. Even though no steel reinforcements are used to build the pool, its profile is very durable. The surface of the polyester basin is smooth, making it easier to keep it perfectly clean.

Wooden garden pools - most often made of pine wood. The ecological pool keeps the heat of the water well; its assembly and disassembly can be done independently.

Steel pools - made of high-quality galvanized stainless steel. Steel basins are more often installed inside the house, but they are so durable that they withstand negative temperatures in winter quite well. The smooth surface of the pool makes it easy to clean the pool.

The cost of building a stationary pool

The average cost of building a stationary swimming pool with standard dimensions is, on average, from several to several dozen thousand zlotys. The price depends mainly on the material from which the basin was made and the area that the pool takes up in the yard. The approximate cost of the construction of a garden pool itself is:

  • A brick pool, approx. 8 m long, approx. 4 m wide and approx. 2 m deep - approx. AUD.
  • Polyester pool (8mx3mx1.5m) - approx. 16-25 thousand AUD.
  • Wooden swimming pool (7mx4mx1.3m) - approx. AUD.
  • Round steel pool (diameter 10m and depth 1.5m) - approx. 9-12 thousand. AUD.

Pool construction - additional costs

When deciding on a permanent garden pool, you should consider additional costs related to, for example, maintaining the pool (costs of lighting, heating, disinfectants, and accessories for cleaning water). In the season, it costs about 2,000. AUD. The cost of installing solar heating, i.e., collectors, is an expense of 8-10 thousand. AUD (e.g., when you want to save on gas heating). The conditions for the swimming pool construction are not suitable, e.g., groundwater will be too high. Such a situation may lead to the ground sliding under the basin, which damages the structure of the pool. The solution to this type of problem is constructing a barrier, the cost of which amounts to approx. AUD 50 per m2. In addition, stationary pools require equipment with the necessary accessories, such as:
  • filters and a pump for the swimming pool - approx. AUD 1,200 - 3,600,
  • water treatment agents (e.g. chlorine compounds or disinfectants) - approx. AUD 250,
  • a water pH tester (e.g., for bromine or chlorine content) - approx. AUD 10-120,
  • manual set for cleaning pools (mesh, brush) - approx. AUD 40,
  • skimmer, i.e., a surface water purifier (works well in smaller pools) - approx. AUD 60,
  • automatic vacuum cleaner for cleaning gout - approx. 250 - 350 AUD.

Pool foil - price

When deciding on an outdoor pool in the garden, it is also worth considering roofing, which will protect the pool from dirt (leaves, insects) and reduce water evaporation and accelerate the process of its heating. The cost of a special transparent foil for the pool on a frame, e.g., of a segmented or shutter type, is approx. 2-3 thousand. AUD.

Portable garden pools - characteristics and prices of pools

A portable garden pool is a much cheaper and faster investment than stationary pools. Their structure is easy to assemble and does not require special excavation. Several types of garden pools can be dismantled at any time and moved to another location.

Racked pool - has the most robust construction among all portable garden pool. The cost of a small rack pool with a diameter of 3 m is about AUD 300-500. On the other hand, for a swimming pool on a rack almost 5 m wide, additionally equipped with a filter pump and a ladder, you will have to pay approx. AUD 5,000. AUD.

Expansion pools - they are less durable than rack pools. Their walls are made of PVC, i.e., polyvinyl chloride supported by the expanding water inside the pool; therefore, their shape is always round. Small expansion pools for children can be purchased from about AUD 100. In turn, expansion pools for adults cost between 200 and 400 AUD.

Inflatable pools - are characterized by a low price, although they are not very durable. The simplest models of swimming pools are available at prices from AUD 30. For adults, an inflatable pool will cost about AUD 200-300.