Buying a Laptop

In this age of digital technology and economic turmoil, some people have been forced to look for the best 2-in-1 laptops for under 300 dollars. Those lucky enough to have full-time jobs usually own at least two Internet-connected devices. In their homes, you will find Smartphones, home PCs, Video game consoles, and even televisions that are now built with Wi-Fi capabilities. Many people are trading in the cumbersome home computer for the sleeker, more portable laptop. If you are short on cash, you may wonder if it is possible to buy a computer, period? If this is your situation, find the cheapest laptop deals!

Before you search for the cheapest laptop deals, you want to consider the difference between a reasonable price and a good value. Be sure to review sites like Fancy Appliance to read helpful reviews on specific types of laptops and models before choosing the best one for you. There are several online and off places where you can purchase discount computers; however, are they worth the money? So how do you determine value? Much of this concerns your particular needs, how often you will use the machine and what you need it to do for you.

Will you be using your laptop for business or pleasure? A simple netbook will suffice if you plan to check your email and do a little social networking but very little else. On the other hand, if you depend on your electronics for work or are an intense user, a more sophisticated device would be a better value. The operating system, memory, hard drive size, and processor speeds will be essential for heavy users.

Will you be able to find a brand-new laptop for less than $300? Your chances are slim. If you are diligent in your search and perhaps combine some convenient manufacturer discounts, you could score one of the best laptop prices in the world. This is not a very likely scenario! You can find them for under $300, but remember, the rule above always compares the value to the required quality.


Refurbished is an excellent option when looking for some of the best dealsWhat exactly is a refurbished unit? Refurbished refers to any used product that has been restored to like new condition. You often find these available from the manufacturer who takes flawed devices returned under warranty and rebuilds them. Often these electronics are just as hardy as their new counterparts are and even come with at least a limited warranty. Discussing the best laptop deals would only be complete with refurbished mac laptop computers.


If you are hard-pressed to spend more than $300 for a laptop computer, your best chance will be in used models. Before looking in stores or online, ask your friends or co-workers if they might have something for sale. You never know; they might be the best resource for cheap laptops under 300 dollars. Besides, will this give you a chance to try something out before you buy?

People decide to sell their computer equipment for various reasons, not the least of which is old hardware, so do your homework on the different brands and their respective parts. Some excellent deals on used equipment can be found around the holidays when individuals want to raise extra cash for exclusive discounts on newer devices. A few places you can shop for used laptops include:

  • eBay
  • Craigslist
  • Local Newspaper classifieds
  • Amazon
  • Facebook Yard Sale Pages for your area


Whether you find refurbished laptops for sale or shop holiday specials, you should know a few things about purchasing these devices. The only thing worse than not having a laptop computer is buying one that dies within a few days of purchase! Keep these tips in mind as you browse the sales.

Used Caution

When purchasing a used computer, you should always check out the files stored on the hard drive, especially pictures and music. It may be best to completely wipe out the installed software and do a fresh install of the operating system, so ask for disks before making the purchase. Keep your safety in mind as well; always meet in a public place if using craigslist, newspaper, or other local advertising.

Refurbished Caution

As stated above, refurbished units are some of the cheapest laptop deals available. You get a like-new device for a fraction of the cost! However, you will want to research specific models before making a decision. Some laptops are notorious for particular problems, and even though the parts within are new, if they are merely replaced and not upgraded, you could have the same issues that resulted in the original return. Also, carefully peruse the warranty, most manufacturers will offer at least a limited warranty, and you should understand what it covers.

New Cautions

When purchasing a new unit from local retailers or manufacturers, you should not have any issues with used and refurbished units. However, the same due diligence applies. There are consumer reporting agencies and tech websites that review various electronic devices. You also want to ensure you are getting the best value for the money spent, consider these components carefully:
  • CPU is the central processing unit, and cheap laptops may contain a low CPU. Mobile computing can be rigorous, so you want a CPU that can hold up. New duo-core processors from Intel work quite nicely and can even preserve battery life.
  • Memory- if you have been around computers for a day or two, 1 GB of ram may sound like a lot; however, if you are trying to run Windows Vista, you want 2 GB minimum. Anything less, and you will find your system sluggish.
  • Wireless- You might think that built-in wireless is a given on newer laptops. However, this is far from reality. Always check for integrated wireless if you come across an excellent deal on a computer.
  • Ports- how many ports do you need? Another misconception is that all laptops are equal regarding available USB, serial or VGA ports. This is one area manufacturers cut back on as they put together bargain machines.
  • Battery life- at the core of the best value for the money is decent battery life. While you can always buy an extra battery, this can be a hassle you want to avoid dealing with.


Is it possible to find cheap laptops under 300 dollars? In most cases, no, but if you have the patience and knowledge to check out all the options, you can get a very nice machine at a reasonable price! The key is research, research, and more research!