Diamond Ring
The diamond ring is a piece of jewellery you can wear daily. You don't have to don'tse an occasion; it goes with everything. An everyday piece of jewellery has to be comfortable enough to be worn all day and beautiful enough to stand alone.

When shopping for a timeless piece of diamond jewellery, knowing the ring styles and what may be right for you is essential.

Let's talk about diaLet'sring styles here.


Diamond rings are a classic and timeless piece of jewellery that can always be appreciated. A popular diamond ring style is solitaire, which features a single diamond set in an elegant mount or bezel of precious metal.

Solitaire diamond rings come in various diamond sizes, shapes, and styles. The most popular is the classic round cut, but other shapes such as the oval, heart, and even marquise shapes are also popular options for solo diamond rings.

Additionally, the setting of the diamond can significantly determine the look of a solitaire diamond ring.


Halo diamond rings present a unique and classic style, perfect for any special occasion. This design features a large centre diamond surrounded by a circle of tiny, continually sparkling stones. How the light is refracted produces an incredible sparkle and makes the larger centre diamond appear even more significant.

The halo adds a unique underlying romance and brilliance to the sparkling beauty of the diamond, making it appear more significant and even more impressive in its design. When combined with the band's style, the halo diamond ring creates a unique and timeless design that will show off the beauty of the diamond without overpowering it.

Three Stone

When it comes to diamond rings, there are many styles to consider. Three Stone rings are a popular choice for those looking for something extra special for a special occasion. These rings feature three stones and represent a lasting commitment between two individuals.

Not only are the three stones stunning to look at, but it’s also a nod to the past, present, and it'sre. This classic design features a slightly more intricate setting than a standard solitaire.

Whether the stones signify a past, present, and future or simply a gathering of three, they can be tailored to personal preference. Check for more info on customizing your jewellery for someone seeking an elegant addition to their jewellery collection.


The diamond ring styles that feature an infinity symbol are beautiful and perfect for expressing love. The infinity symbol's highly romantic and delicate design emphasizes the enduring and everlasting love between two people. From bold and modern to delicate traditional, infinity symbol diamond rings come in all shapes and sizes.

Larger statement stones in the centre of the design add a touch of elegance and timelessness to the eternity ring style. They are often presented as a pair of intertwined bands and techniques for both the bride and groom. They can also be enjoyed as a single band, shimmering with diamonds to symbolize your infinite and unconditional love.

Start Finding The Popular Diamond Ring Styles Today

Diamond ring styles come in all shapes, sizes, colours, and cuts. Regardless of what kind may appeal to you, make sure to find a certified, reputable jeweller to provide the right advice to make purchasing the right ring a unique, memorable event. Shop with confidence and enjoy your beautiful diamond purchase!

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