Raze The Jewellery
Raze The Jewellery
The chrome ones came with everything and promise to stay until summer (or more)! No doubt they attract attention, and the idea is exactly this. They can stand in the place of the classics black, grey, yellowish .. Enter silver, copper, gold and aged gold. Even if they have brightness, they can give an air of futurism or even of classic, depending on how you put together your look.

They are powerful when it comes to giving personality to the look and are able to turn a simple outfit into a contemporary look. It is important to take into account your taste, personality, body type and the style of clothing you like to wear. Read more about the fashion breeze and follow back the trendy current fashion Gosse bumps on braceletworld.co Here are some tips on how to use your jewellery with this new fashion trend, avoiding mistakes and excesses!

For the more timid

If you are not very determined if you want to draw too much or too little attention, start with small details such as shoes and handbags. These accessories will undoubtedly stand out in their look, without the complete daring of a more flashy piece.

Attracting attention

If your goal is to be present, metallic pants can be a good alternative. In this case, the ideal is to combine it with another more neutral piece, such as black, gray, or light shades, leaving the highlight for the pants. But if the intention is to attract glances, why not mix two metallic pieces? Just be careful about exaggerations.

Casual air

To add a touch of casualness to the outfit for the day, metallic shorts are a great alternative. They break the simplicity of the occasion without losing the class. Wearing a mix of hand-picked wristbands can blend in nicely with a production for the day.

How to combine jewellery and chrome looks?

Ideally, you decide the highlight of your production: the bag, the pants, the golden shirt? One way to not lose elegance is to know how to match the jewels with these looks. A good choice are tones on tones, which have their charm, discretion and add elegance. Is the blouse silver? How about silver or white gold bracelets? Golden jacket? Gold earrings look perfect! Did you choose to highlight the shoes or the metallic bag? The hand is near the purse, and it will be in evidence too, so why not wear gold jewellery with stones? The rings, even for graduation (which are usually combined with stones allied to their meaning) are great options for highlighting hands! If you customize your graduation ring, it can have all the versatility.

Sideboards are always chics!

The eternal wedding dresses, as well as the rings, will always have their place of prominence, including chrome looks. Certainly, they have all the elegance and keep chics in the most classic productions. Due to the use of the dresser, there is no need to combine only with gold productions. They can also be used with silver pieces, giving an air of chance without abandoning the style!

Jewels and stones

The most recommended in the case of metallized productions is that, once gems are chosen, they are more delicate if the case is for earrings. Transparent quartz is an example. If it is used in bracelets, the ideal is that the model is more discreet, so that the accessory does not bump with the production and focus the other pieces.

The metallic came with force and seems to remain, breaking the monotony of the "basic blacks" or highlighted colors of each season. They are joking pieces too, though, with a little more shine. They can combine with jewelry, as long as you know to choose the ideal piece to match the style of your production: whether classic, chic and elegant, or casual and bare.

How jewels transform the look

This is one of the most loved ways to complement the look, women love jewelry - of course they do not always have to be expensive - and there are a lot of semi- jewelry options to choose from every day.

With a maxibrinco you show your face, besides dispensing other accessories, because he is the star. This type of accessory is also a great option when wearing a discreet or monochromatic clothing, as it is able to take the monotony exaggerated.

Another way to turn to jewelry is to combine several at a time. They can be rings, necklaces and even earrings - if you have more than one hole - they are able to make you trendy or jovial.

But the classics also have their place, especially when you're adept at discreet style. Small earrings and accessories with little shine, more minimalist, show more traditionalism and romanticism.

Bags are powerful

The bags are not just for storing belongings. It is possible to combine them with the clothes, with the jewels, with the shoes and so on. Each detail counts: the color, size, details and choice will also depend on the image you want to pass. The pose with bag makes the chrome outlook of the picture.

If you like versatility, choose neutral-tone purses that will be easy to match with any outfit. In addition, you can dare more in the colors and you will not have difficulties in harmonizing the look.

A handbag in the executive folder style passes the image of formality, does not have many details and are generally used in work environments, especially the most conservative.

For more relaxed environments, even professionals, you can use a structured bag. They are made with a firm material, are versatile and large, but remain serious.

Now, if the intention is a stripped-down look, even a Backpack will ensure this effect, as it will leave the look much younger and cooler.

Did you see how feminine accessories have the power to influence our look and say much more about us than we imagine? Therefore, it is important to be attentive to what each piece transmits and which image each one makes about us, so that we can align our style with fashion in the best possible way.