Have you said yes to the right person and worn that beautiful engagement ring they have proposed you with? Well, that’s some amazing news and now comes the most important part of planning the big day, the wedding bands! Let’s admit to the fact that everyone plans for having the dream wedding with everything being perfect and as beautiful as possible.

Before exchanging the vows in front of everyone, you tend to get nervous as to whether the ring your partner bought is going to fit your finger or not. Another most important factor that runs in your mind is what kind of ring is it going to be that you’ll forever cherish and wear for the rest of your life. Will it be big with a diamond encrusted or just a plain wedding band ring? There are so many things that are needed to be decided upon to make sure you have made the right choice for the perfect unique wedding rings for both.

What are the trends of wedding bands for this year?

If you want to have an idea as to what are the current popular trends of wedding bands, then read ahead as we will tell you all about this one trend in wedding bands that has all couples buying it for their weddings. Black wedding rings are highly in demand by couples and while it sounds like something different, it is absolutely worth it and you will not regret your decision for buying black wedding bands for your big day. Down below, you will find some classy black rings for both which also has combinations with other colors, like blue or rose-gold.

What’s so special about these black bands is that they are a new trend and have become quite popular for any occasion, especially weddings. They are for extremely good-quality as they are made of tungsten and have a lifetime guarantee that will keep them well-maintained till you wear it.

#1 Black dome polished ring:

This beautiful black wedding band is all that you need if you’re looking for simplicity. It is well-polished and shiny which sits well on a finger when worn. You can also get your name and your partners engraved on the inner dome of the ring to make it more memorable and valuable for both of you to wear for the rest of your lives. 
Black dome polished ring
Photo by Find U Rings (https://www.findurings.com)

#2 Lord of the rings black and white polished ring:

To all the lord of the rings fan out there, this ring is made for you especially! This well-polished, scratch-free ring can be the right choice to wear if you and your partner want to make it fun and memorable at the same time for the big day. It is designed according to the theme and will give an elegant and comfortable fitting on your finger when you wear it.
Lord of the rings black and white polished ring

#3 Black tungsten band with blue grooved center:

The blue color is just the right combo with a black color, to begin with. This amazing ring is designed in such a classy way that it will instantly attract many eyes over it along with a bunch of compliments. If you ladies really want to impress your man, then buy this beautiful brushed black ring that has a blue grooved center and of course both of your names engraved on the inner dome of the band.
Black tungsten band with blue grooved center

#4 Rose gold line ring black edge and silver brushed wedding band:

Anything rose gold is super fabulous. This beautiful brushed ring has three different colors: Black, rose gold and silver matte surfaced band that both men and women can wear. If you both are looking for matching rings, then definitely go for this one as it is quite weighty, comfortable fit and scratch resistant. Perfect for a wedding!
Rose gold line ring black edge and silver brushed wedding band

#5 Blue grooved flat edge wedding band for men:

This wedding band not only has a blue groove line on the outer dome, but its entire inner dome is blue in color with names engraved in it. This can be just the right choice to buy for your man and impress him with your choice of wedding rings. It’s well-brushed, scratch-proof and has a good weight with a comfortable fit when worn.
Blue grooved flat edge wedding band for men

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time you finalize your decision for buying the wedding bands for both as there are many other preparations that need to get going along with this one. Buy yourself these beautiful black rings for your big day and make it a beautiful memory that you’ll always remember from your wedding.

Miaomi is a fashion lover interested in romantic weddings and jewelry. Also a blogger of FindURings. Find U Rings is a reliable online jewelry supplier designing unique wedding rings for men and women. They have been exploring the ring industry for more than ten years.