Pillow Buying
If there's one thing we all love, it's finding a cosy, luxurious spot to lay our weary heads at night. So many people feel that the global market of intelligent beds will come to a staggering $3.8 billion by 2030.

That's a lot of pillows! And with that many options, knowing where to start your search for the pillow of your dreams can be challenging. We've compiled common pillow-buying mistakes just to help you out!

1. Unnecessary Add-Ons Don't Necessarily Improve a Pillow's Quality

While adding extra padding or a pillow top may sound like it will give you a more comfortable sleep experience, these are best avoided when selecting a quality pillow. Unnecessary additions may lead to stiffness or lumps in the pillow's surface over time.

2. Sacrificing Quality

Trying to save money by sacrificing quality often leads to realizing that the pillow needs to be constructed better and often needs to be replaced sooner than expected. In the end, comparing pillow prices and paying a bit extra if needed for a good-quality product will get you far better value than running low on budget and risking the longevity of your purchase.

3. Positional Preferences Disregarded

Many sleepers disregard positional preferences when shopping for a pillow. Poorly chosen pillows can lead to neck, shoulder, and back pain.

Take note of how you prefer to sleep and then use this to select a pillow, like this Nolah pillows collection that provides proper alignment, support, and cushioning. For example, side sleepers should choose a more profound, thicker pillow, while back sleepers should opt for a thinner pillow that helps keep the neck and head in a neutral position.

4. Not Examining the Filling of the Pillow

Different fillings provide different levels of firmness, comfort, and longevity. Synthetic fills hold shapes and come in varying degrees of firmness; natural fillings offer comfort and support, and down fillings provide a softer feeling.

Read the pillow's label and know the details, such as the fill material's make-up, type, and content level. Test the pillow out by feeling it in the store if possible.

5. Underestimating the Size and Shape

Purchasing the wrong shape can cause you to not be adequately supported in certain positions. An incorrect size can impede your ability to move your head, leading to an uncomfortable fit.

Try out different shapes, sizes, and materials to find the perfect fit. Consider the size of your bed and what you prefer regarding support and height.

6. Pillow Cleaning and Care are Overlooked

Attention to cleaning and care is often overlooked, resulting in pillows that become uncomfortable quickly or develop mildew or odours. To maximize pillow life and comfort, it's essential to follow the care instructions according to the type of pillow you choose.

Natural pillows are popular and feature breathable cotton, down, or wool but may require more frequent cleaning to prevent mould or attract dust mites. Synthetic pillows may require less regular cleaning and be more durable, but some people find they are less comfortable and more likely to become flattened.

Avoid These Common Pillow-Buying Mistakes

Before buying a pillow, take the time to research the types of pillows that would be best for you. Make sure you take into account your comfort needs. Buy from a trusted source, test it out, and use proper care and cleaning.

Avoiding these common pillow-buying mistakes, you should find the perfect pillow for your needs!

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