Do you enjoy reading or watching a movie in bed? Are your bed pillows hurting your neck and back and preventing you from having a good time? If you answered yes to these questions, you need a reading pillow.

A reading pillow, also known as a husband pillow, provides the proper levels of support for your head, back, and arms, preventing you from straining or getting an injury as you read or watch a movie. The best pillows for reading are designed to keep your body in an optimal position to allow you to take in every important detail in your book or movie. Here's everything you need to know about reading pillows before purchasing them. 

How can a reading pillow benefit you?

A husband pillow has:

  • Armrests: the armrests on a reading pillow are wide and high, so you do not strain your arms and shoulders when holding your book or laptop. They are also fluffy, which helps your arms to rest comfortably.
  • Backrest: the backrest, like the armrests, is extensive and fluffy. It is designed to offer total back support. Therefore, it supports your neck down to your lumbar area. 
As such, husband pillows are specially designed to prevent soreness on your neck and shoulders, which is brought about by lack of support. Also, they prevent you from putting your bed pillows against the headboard, which flattens and ruins them.

Things to consider when choosing the best pillow for reading

Here are the key elements that you should put in mind before buying a reading pillow:


The best reading pillow should be ergonomically designed. This means that it should offer maximum support, keep your back’s vital features aligned in the right position to prevent injury, and at the same time prevent you from tiring when you sit for extended periods.


Your body size matters when choosing the best husband pillow, especially if you are taller than average. You’ll require a pillow that has a greater height than that of short people, one that can offer you complete back support. The armrests also need to be higher to prevent discomfort, so do not forget to look for the appropriate pillow for your height as you shop.


Most husband pillow covers are removable for easy washing. Most manufacturers make reading pillow covers precisely, although you can find some that could be better. Ideally, sheets should be:
  • Breathable: they should allow moisture transmission within the fabric instead of building it up inside.
  • Easy to wash: the material should be easy to clean by machine or hand.
  • Soft and comfy: the material used to make the pillow should be comfortable for maximum relaxation. Most covers are made of soft fabrics such as micro-suede, cotton, and micro-velvet, which are soft, lightweight, wrinkle-resistant, stain-proof, and wear-resistant.


There are several options when it comes to fillings. The proper mixtures ensure your pillow’s comfort and longevity. They should be firm enough to support your back adequately but not too sturdy that they cause discomfort.

Some of the filling options on the market are foam and micro-foam. Most pillows combine the two. If you are looking for viscosity and elasticity, memory foam is better.

Shredded memory foam is your go-to filling for a lightweight, moldable pillow that allows maximum airflow. Combined with a breathable cover, that prevents sweaty back and limbs when you sit for long.


Husband pillows come in several shapes. For instance, some are wedge-shaped, while others are V-shaped. You can also find some with single armrests. The form you choose should align with your preferences and needs. The wedge-shaped pillow, for example, is ideal for reading, and at the same time, it helps to elevate your body and prevent acid reflux, snoring slightly, and other medical issues.


A warranty gives one peace of mind and shows that the manufacturer is confident with the quality of the reading pillow you are buying. A reading pillow with a 1-3 years warranty is primarily high quality.


When buying a reading pillow, you should ensure you get the best value for your money. Therefore, you need to ensure you have all the features you need most in the pillow. For instance, if having a drink while watching a movie or reading a book is essential to you, you should buy a pillow with a cup holder. However, if you have cup holders on your bed, getting a pillow with a holder does not give you value for money. Let's capitalize on the features unavailable in your bead or reading area. 

Is a husband's pillow the same as a boyfriend's pillow?

Well, Wikipedia says so, but this is different. A boyfriend pillow is shaped like one-half of a man's chest and is meant to be used for sleeping and not reading. It is supposed to motivate sleeping on the side position because you can cuddle it.

If you have been straining while reading or watching a movie on your bed, strain no more. Get yourself the best reading pillow, and remember to prioritize the features that you deem most important when buying one.