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Turmeric – A Humble Kitchen Ingredient With Numerous Health Benefits

Numerous Health Benefits

Beauty to women is ornamental. It is not just all makeup and things but also natural glow and health from within. Turmeric is an important ingredient in your beauty closet for all its benefits on your skin and hair.

Turmeric has been widely used for its culinary benefits but it is also a main component of mustard because of its bright yellow colour. This potent spice has been an integral part of Indian and Chinese history where it was used for its anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric is an excellent source of iron and manganese with good portions of vitamin B6, potassium and the dietary fiber. There are also many other essential nutrients available in this spice which makes it a power punch of health when consumed on a regular basis.

Beauty Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric skin benefits are not unknown to the world. Due to its cell regeneration abilities and it also helps in working the glow inside out. This is the reason why many skin care creams use extracts of turmeric as a potent ingredient in their lotions and creams. While you can always use the skin care products, it is also better to include a routine or two by using its natural form too. Here are some reasons why turmeric is just as important for your skin’s health as it is for your body.

Fight Aging Signs With Turmeric

The best way to cure aging skin is by using turmeric. Turmeric powder has been used for centuries as a part of beauty regimen. In India, even today brides and grooms undergo a ceremony where they are scrubbed with turmeric to make their skins glow. When mixed with milk and gram flour, turmeric acts as a wonderful exfoliating agent. The turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties kill facial bacteria, gram flour helps in exfoliation and gentle scrub stimulates the blood circulation that makes the skin glow and the face looks younger.

Reduce Your Facial Hair Growth

If you use turmeric on your face every day, you will notice how it slows down the growth of facial hair. This is a common problem amongst women for which they pay insane amounts of money to get a treatment. However, you can naturally remedy this problem and also give your skin the glow that speaks of health and vitality.

Improves Skin Elasticity

When applied on the skin, turmeric makes you look young and fresh. The antioxidants present in turmeric are a great way to improve aging skin. You can stimulate the growth of new cells and keep the elasticity of the skin undamaged.

Removes Discoloration and Pigmentation

Discoloration and pigmentation makes the skin look botched and uneven. Paying thousands of dollars for expensive creams will not give you the results that turmeric can. By regular application of this spice, you will be able to even the skin tone and prevent further discoloration. This is also the reason why you can see turmeric as an active ingredient in many health-care creams.

Controls Skin Oiliness

It can be an annoyance to see how your face just cannot stop producing oil! If you are one of these women who are tired of their facial oil glands then it is time you are going to love turmeric! Applying sandalwood paste mixed with turmeric and orange juice will do honest work on your skin and the way it fights the oil is amazing.

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