Campervan Essentials

The idea of a road trip is fantastic. As you travel through the country, mountains, and to new places, you take in all the experiences, sights, and sounds. As you travel from place to place, you never know what you will get to discover next.

However, preparing for your journey for both the physical and mental parts is essential.

So what essentials should you invest in regarding your journey? Below we help you with one of the essential aspects of your trip when travelling in a campervan, packing your campervan essentials.

Portable Barbecue

Portable BBQs offer the convenience of having a barbecue anywhere, anytime. It is essential for those who love to cook and eat outdoors while on a camping adventure. Look for lightweight and easy models to store in your campervan trip.

Look for BBQs with adjustable grills, deeper heat shielding, and rust-resistant surfaces. It's also good to bring along skewers and tongs with the BBQ.

Lastly, make sure to always follow safety protocols when using a BBQ. Set up the BBQ in a well-ventilated area and ensure it's always safe from the camping vehicle.

Portable Lighting

Portable lighting is highly recommended and should be one of your must-haves. Whether you're searching for a light switch in the middle of the night. Or you need to put the inside of your van in a cosy ambience.

Make sure you consider your needs and interests, as there are many options, from battery torches and flashlights to hanging lanterns, rechargeable spotlights, and string lights.

With the proper lighting, you can create the perfect atmosphere for your travels and make the most of each day. Remember the essential spare batteries or the necessary charging cords to ensure your lights keep shining the entire trip.

Portable Outdoor Shower

Whether you're out in the bush for the weekend. Or taking the family into the wilderness for an extended stay. The benefits of a hot shower outdoors are clear. Not only does it provide good hygiene.

But it can also help to promote relaxation and revive weary muscles. An excellent portable outdoor shower system should include a sturdy outdoor shower stand. And a shower head with an adjustable spray pattern. If you're looking for an eco-friendly shower solution.

An electrical solar-powered outdoor shower with adjustable temperature settings would be perfect. You will also need something to contain the shower water and help clean up. Making a collapsible water bucket a valuable addition to the shower setup.

Fold-Out Furniture and Picnic Set

These collapsible items can be easily put away to maximize living space and storage options. The chairs and table come in various sizes and are incredibly comfortable. Making them perfect for any impromptu meal outdoors.

The picnic set contains all the necessary utensils and dining items for a fantastic meal or snack in any environment. This is perfect for those spontaneous nights spent in the wilderness. And is one of the most critical campervan adventure essentials to always remember.

The house-like feeling of the FoldOut furniture and picnic set will undoubtedly make you feel right at home.

First Aid Kit

It is essential to pack a First Aid Kit when embarking on a road trip in a campervan. It should include the basics, such as bandages, antibiotic ointment, and antiseptic wipes. You should also have gauze, hydrocortisone cream, aspirin, and Ibuprofen.

It is also a good idea to bring a more comprehensive kit that includes cold packs and burn ointments. Motion sickness medication, scissors, tweezers, and a first aid manual.

Investing in a quality first aid kit will bring peace of mind while on the road. It is also worth considering any medical conditions you may have and what would be required for those needs. Such as epi-pens for those with allergies, an inhaler for those with asthma, and diabetic supplies if needed.

Cooking Utensils

Basic utensils, including pots, pans, crockery, and cutlery, are essential for preparing meals. Whilst some more advanced kitchen equipment, such as camping stoves, cool boxes, cookers, griddles, and Dutch ovens, can enhance your meals and make the cooking process more accessAddto, add items like a bottle opener, corkscrew, can opener, knife sharpener, grater, kitchen scissors, and kitchen towels to your packing list.

Additionally, consider taking along fresh seasonings, condiments, and non-perishable ingredients that are easy to prepare. Packing the proper cooking utensils can make all the difference in having a delicious and well-rounded meal experience during your campervan vacation.

Levelling Ramps

These ramps help level out your campervan, ensuring you have the best possible experience no matter where you are camping. Levelling ramps are light and easy to store, so they can easily be packed away once you arrive at your camping destination. They are also highly durable, meaning they can withstand the roughest terrain as you're exploring the great outdoors.

With their durable yet lightweight construction, levelling ramps are an excellent resource for your campervan. Whether you're travelling off-road or parking on uneven surfaces, these ramps help to level out your campervan and create a comfortable, stable resting spot for you and your passengers. They are undoubtedly a must-have item when you're stocking up for your campervan trip.

Thermal Blind

These blinds offer insulation, reduce drafts, and even block out daylight for those who prefer a dark sleep. Thermal blinds also help to conserve energy - keeping your van warm in the winter and cool in the summer, saving you money on gas. Not only do insulated blinds help maintain warmth and privacy, but they often come with easy-to-install hardware, meaning you can quickly and easily set up your campervan without having to hire a professional.

Lastly, thermal blinds are a great choice as they come in various sizes and colours to perfectly match the look of your campervan. With an insulated thermal blind in your campervan, you will have a comfortable and energy-conscious home on wheels!

Campervan Sat Nav

Campervan Sat Navs are essential for any camping or road trip, allowing you to quickly and easily find your destination with the least hassle. They come preloaded with up-to-date mapping; some even include additional features like trip planning, real-time traffic updates, and hands-free calling. You're packing for your campervan trip; make sure you bring the right Sat Nav with you.

Choose a large, easy-to-read display, detailed maps, and an up-to-date route database. Also, look for one with voice-activated navigation and obstacle warnings to ensure a safe and stress-free journey. Finally, you'll want to make sure your Sat Nav has a reliable power source so that you keep access to your navigation during long hauls.

Kitchen Essentials

Kitchen essentials will make your campervan trip all the more enjoyable. Start with the basics, such as a camping stove, as this will be your primary cooking method. Also, pack kitchen utensils such as pots, pans, plates, cutlery, mugs, and coffee cups.

Ensure you have the necessary cleaning supplies, such as sponges, dish soap, and paper towels. A dish drying rack is handy, so your utensils and dishes can air dry.

Lastly, pack tea, coffee, and food items such as olive oil, salt, sugar, and herbs. With these kitchen essentials, you will be prepared for many delicious meals for your campervan trip.

Power Station

When planning a campervan excursion, it is important to include a power station in your checklist of essentials. A power station is often a must-have for any campervanning severe trip and is invaluable for those who need to keep multiple electrical devices running.

Power stations are designed to provide reliable and consistent power for accessories such as lights, radios, televisions, charging appliances, and many more. They are available in a range of sizes and power capacities and should be carefully selected to ensure they can support your desired load.

When using a power station, it is essential to have appropriate charging accessories, such as solar panels and cables, to ensure uninterrupted access to power and a successful trip.

Car Emergency Kit

For a successful and safe journey, there are certain campervan essentials that you should always take with you. A car emergency kit is one of the most essential items and should be packed in your van ahead of your trip.

The car emergency kit should include all the essential items needed. This would consist of a spare tire, tire-changing tools, a first-aid kit, a torch, a fully-charged power bank, and a blanket. A highly recommended item to add to your car emergency kit is a warning triangle and reflective vest, which can come in handy when breakdowns occur, and you need to alert passing motorists.

Having all these essential items packed in your car emergency kit ensures you are ready to attend to any unexpected difficulties while travelling in your campervan.

Fire Extinguisher

Having a fire extinguisher on board is essential when travelling in a campervan. Ensure it is in an easy-to-reach location, well-secured, and properly labelled. The extinguisher should be inspected regularly to ensure that it is in good working order, and the instructions should be read closely to know how to use it properly. En

In the event of a fire, always call the emergency services before putting out the fire with the extinguisher. The extinguisher should only be used as an additional measure if the fire is small and contained.

It is essential to consider the risks associated with using a fire extinguisher, such as hazardous fumes and potential skin injuries, so make sure that proper safety precautions are taken. Finally, never leave a fire unattended, even if you think it's "safe".


For any travellers looking for comfort and adventure, a hammock should be at the top of their list. A hammock is a perfect addition to camping trips as it's comfortable, lightweight, and easy to transport. A folding hammock is the most practical as it can be quickly set up and taken down at campsites without weighing you down.

Pairing a hammock with camping accessories like a mosquito net and tarp is the ultimate way to relax outdoing; a hammock offers convenience and much-needed wherever you're travelling comfort after a long day of exploring. Plus, who doesn't love to kick back and admire their new surroundings, slightly elevated off the ground?

So, when packing for your next campervan adventure, remember comfort and convenience. Remember to pack a hammock!

Rooftop Cargo

Roof cargo is essential to camping since it provides extra storage space and more room inside. Easy access to a transportable load will make the journey more straightforward and stress-free. For items that will only be needed occasionally, like camping chairs, extra water jugs, and chilled foods, it's best to store them on the rooftop. 

Be sure to use plenty of padding when tying down your cargo to prevent any damage over rough terrain. Additionally, make sure the weight of the shipment is evenly distributed. If you want to step up your game, you can use cargo nets to secure rooftop items from shifting during the journey.

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These Are Some Campervan Essentials

Overall, travelling in a campervan is a fun and unique experience. With the right gear, preparation, and organization, a campervan trip can be convenient, comfortable, and full of memorable moments.

Take the time to research and adequately prepare for your next campervan adventure by utilizing our ultimate guide on what to pack. Have the ultimate vacation, and remember to pack your campervan essentials and enjoy the ride!

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