A link can be a powerful tool for improving SEO. As a result, search engines will recognize and trust your site if it is credible and relevant to your sector. Link building for SEO relies on frequency. Links from low-quality sources can negatively affect a website’s ranking in search engines, quality of backlinks, and backlink types. Therefore, choosing the best SEO links is crucial. But what are they?

Google and other search engines consider some dimensions when determining whether your links are appropriate for marketing. Several factors determine this, including topic relevance, credibility, usefulness, and reliability. A company website or web page can use various types of SEO links. So, let’s determine this in the subsequent sections of this article.

Types of SEO Links On a Website

There are two types of links on your website: internal and external.

What is an Internal Link?

An internal link leads to another web page within the same domain. By redirecting your viewers around your site, these links allow viewers to spend more time browsing your website. It increases the authority of your website and helps it rank higher. An internal link navigates the reader to another page on the same website.

What is an External Link?

An external link, also known as an outbound link, is a link that takes you to a different domain while you are surfing through a particular website. A link like this usually provides viewers with the information another website owner offers. External links are the most important criteria for ranking. There is no way to control external links unfairly. In the case of the receiving website, it is a backlink.

The Difference between Internal, Outbound, and Inbound Links

Your website will use three types of links:
  • Internal — As mentioned above, internal links connect content within the same website. It guides audiences to other pages on your website. This link aims to keep visitors on your website, increasing overall traffic. The longer visitors stay on your site, the more authority the domain gains.
  • Outbound — An outbound link, also known as an external link, leads you to another website. Links to other websites in your industry can be an excellent way to share resources such as audiences and information. Clients often use these links for additional information or research.
  • Inbound — A backlink is a link to your website from another site within your industry. Creating backlinks is a way for other websites to introduce their readers to your business. These links help websites appear authoritative and credible to search engines like Google, which allows them to rank higher in search results.

Types of SEO Links Off A Website

These links are backlinks. A backlink is also an inbound link. These are links that another website creates to point to yours.

Types of Backlinks

Using links to establish trust and reliability on your website can be a beneficial SEO strategy. A backlink can fall into two categories: natural backlinks and manually obtained backlinks.

Natural Backlinks

Backlinks like these are links that another creator gives to your website without your permission. In a blog post, this is usually a link to information that creators and sites within a particular industry recommend to their audiences.

When a website shares your content or social media without your interference, it indicates that your content is valuable to others. In addition to being a great SEO tool, these kinds of backlinks are also great for showing Google your value.

Manually Obtained backlinks

Backlinks from these websites differ from natural backlinks because they are something you request. The best way to obtain these kinds of backlinks is to contact bloggers or website creators and ask them for a link to your site.

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Is Editorial Backlinking Worth Your Time?

Ideally, all websites should aim for editorial backlinks with their content, which is the best type of backlink. Links of this type are most effective for SEO and are also free. Using them allows you to identify quality content for your audience without paying.

It is crucial to use editorial backlinks because they are authentic and enhance your brand’s credibility and relevance. You can gain editorial backlinks by creating quality content for your business. Quality link profiles can help your business rank highly in search engine results correctly.