Based on what was readily available by the seashore, seafood was traditionally a local cuisine. However, that is not the situation anymore. Consequently, you want to explore the taste of the most popular fish dishes worldwide.

Even if you are thousands of miles away, you can enjoy the distinctive flavours of New England lobster rolls, clam toasts, and clam chowder. Or perhaps you would want to try Hawaiian poke, a tasty twist on raw tuna.

There are many choices for seafood enthusiasts globally, from the Veracruz coast in Mexico to Thiruvananthapuram in southern India.

Here are some seafood dishes from different parts of the world that you should taste.

Fischbrötchen – Germany

Although sausages, sauerkraut, and pretzels are among the foods most associated with Germany, that country's cuisine has much more to offer. Due to the region's closeness to the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, seafood is a common component of Northern German cuisine.

Fischbrötchen is a type of sandwich popular in Hamburg. Typically, a Fischbrötchen is a fish-stuffed dinner roll. The two types of herring that are most frequently found are Bismarck and souses, while other versions prepared with shrimp or fried fish are also popular.

Chilli Crab – Singapore

One of Singapore's most recognisable cuisines is Singapore Chilli Crab, the island's most well-known seafood dish. Despite its name and appearance, Singapore Chilli Crab is not very spicy. With enough chilli to maintain medium heat, the mud crab is stir-fried in a thick, sweet, savoury tomato sauce. Usually served with a platter of fried mantou, the crab is eaten with the shell still on. Crabs usually are healthy and provide a lot of benefits as well.

Fish And Chips – UK

This is a favourite staple of British takeout, consisting of deep-fried, freshly deboned fish covered in batter paste and double and deep-fried potato chips. Typically served with malt vinegar, lemon or tartar sauce, this easy-to-make recipe has a different form in each country. It can be found on the plates of diners happily noshing.

Goan Fish Curry – India

Goa's seafood is a pleasant surprise and absolutely delicious for a nation known for its delectable vegetarian recipes. In fact, since fish is a standard part of the indigenous diet, Goan cuisine is frequently thought to be incomplete without it.

In Goa, the two options for fish curry are regional fish like pomfret or shrimp. Although recipes differ, the Goan fish curry typically contains kokum and coconut, two ingredients unique to Goan cooking. It has a sour and spicy flavour. You can pair it with Sol Kadi, a popular Goan drink, as one of the best side dishes to serve with fish.

Curry Crab Rundown– Caribbean

Coconut milk, spices, and fresh crab make a delicious dish. Of course, there is more to this Jamaican cuisine than meets the eye. Jamaicans love their curry, which was brought to the island in the 17th century by Indian slaves that the British had purchased. Thyme gives a taste of the Caribbean flavour, and tomatoes and ginger bring freshness. Some recipes do combine prawns and crab, which just enhances the flavour. Serve with rice, the curry's enduring soul mate, rotis, naans, or both.