Corbels For Home Decor

Small detailed decor can do wonders for the overall look of your home. For instance, lighting choice, paint color, doors, etc. are chosen carefully to enhance your home. But, during the home renovation, furniture and other big expenses leave no room for these fun additions. In such a scenario, you can look for things that are under your budget and help you decorate your home efficiently.

One such amazing product is corbel. It is typically a beautifully carved wood or stoned piece. They not only look pretty but also strengthen the grip and structurally support another object. There are many uses of these decorative corbels around the houses. Let’s look into some of them:

  • Kitchen cabinets: If you want to give your builder-grade cabinets a custom look, add corbels under each cabinet. It is mostly used with the cabinets that tie into the backsplash. When attached to upper cabinets it is mostly used for decoration as the cabinets are bolted in walls. You can also match the color and style with the kitchen knobs to indulge the corbels in your theme.
  • Kitchen counters: Did you ever feel like your kitchen counter is too simple? And, since it is a counter to keep or use food, it is not possible to put any decorative pieces there. At such places, corbels work the best. It will make your kitchen look elegant and will add interest to space.
  • Hidden storage: This is a unique and interesting idea. If you have a dividing wall come through and are of no use as such, you can make it a functional one with a pullout to reveal extra storage. It looks so look cool in the kitchen and utilizes the extra space.
  • Shelf brackets: If you have shelves attached to the wall, adding corbel to it can make it look aesthetic. It will completely change the look of shelves as well as the wall. Moreover, they are available in different designs and colour. So, you can match it with the room theme.
  • Desk legs: Are you looking for a cool and fun desk? You can mount large corbels to the walls and add wood or glass top. This will give a completely new and unique look to space.
  • Room divider: Simply by adding corbels at the top ends, your ordinary entryway will transform into an extraordinary one. But, make sure to consider the width of the door and size of the room before selecting the corbels. And, if the room is too small, don’t go with this idea.
  • Fireplace: Enhance the look of your fireplace by adding corbels with a mantel or floating shelf. You could even attach corbels at the sides of a plain-front fireplace. If your room theme is vintage or you want the fireplace to look like that, choose rusty and old fashioned corbels.
  • Bookends: Adding corbels at the end of your books gives a charming look. For this, you can also use some old and used corbels. This could be done with a bunch of books underneath a table or bookshelves.
  • Outdoor windows: People often neglect the outside of their house while decorating their home. But, it is the first impression of your home. So, by adding corbels with the window roof, you will enhance the whole look of your home from outside.

Summing up:

You can find corbels in various price ranges depending on the size, material, and amount of detail. So, decide your budget before buying the corbels. For this, you can look into many d├ęcor stores if you are not willing to spend too much. Moreover, the above pointers will help you decide about the ideal places in your house for the corbels.