So, you're thinking of selling your house soon and you want to spruce it up to attract more buyers. It's a smart idea and it would definitely get you an excellent price. The money you spend on renovating your property is well worth it because it increases the value of your home, which increases its resale price by miles.

If you're in this stage or already moved out and can work on the changes, then here are 7 renovation tips for you to help you out.

Think about investing in a pool  

Depending on where you live, a pool can increase or decrease your home's value. So, you need to be very careful and think about how it can impact the sale. If you're living in a very sunny and hot areas in the southern region where pools are always appealing, then it will be well worth the investment because people would be looking for a home with a pool. Also, they would be willing to pay more if it means the house has a pool. But other than that, you shouldn't install pools  if the buyers in your region don't have an appeal to it. 

Change your floors

This might look like a costly upgrade, but it will be worth it when the buyers see new slick floors and would be more interested in buying. You should consider getting loose Lay Vinyl planks. This flooring is a glueless system that is done by bumping the edges against each other tightly and that can eliminate any floor movements over the years. It's water-proof so leaks or spillages would have zero negative effects; it absorbs ambient and foot-fall sounds and reduces sound penetration. So, it has great benefits that buyers will find attractive and it increases the resale price of your home.

Work on your curb appeal

The first thing that a buyer would notice is the look of your exterior area; first impressions are everything, and if your front areas and entrance aren't attractive, then the buyer would go somewhere else. Check and redo any paint jobs needed and pay close attention to the details; investing in a pressure washer or a cleaning service would be worth it because your concrete pavements would need to look like it's brand new.


If you're working on your curb and pavements, then you have to spruce up your landscaping as well; you should make sure your garden, hedges, lawn space, and vegetation is well-taken care and maintained to look beautiful. You can create a colorful new design and have patio furniture to make it look a lot better. If you design in a way that it appears spacious, then it will greatly increase the home's value.

Remodel your kitchen

This is a perfect way to increase home value and attract a lot more potential buyers, whether it's a full remodel or a remodel with an extension plan. Remodeling the kitchen will not be easy on your budget, but it has a great return value. You can start small with your countertops, maybe change it to quartz, marble, or even a quartzite countertop can be a nice change. You could break into the walls in other rooms and make it larger or redesign it with a new look to maximize its potential.

Bathroom additions or upgrades

Believe it or not, adding an additional bathroom can increase your home's value, so work around the plumbing where you want it located. Also, upgrading your bathroom fixtures and amenities can be perfect; new sinks, tubs, and toilets can be great for making people interested. People always love new things, and any money spent will give you great returns with the increase of your house's value.

Look at the little things

Sometimes the most mundane and small things can make a huge difference in the price; things like better plumbing and pipes, cracks or worn-out paint, unhinged windows or doors, and even loose shingles on your roof can go a long way. It's small things like this that your potential buyer would be looking at; not only will it attract a buyer, but it will increase the resale price considerably.

Whether it's changing your floors, maintaining your roof, or upgrading your kitchen, any changes you make would be beneficial to you because it appeals to any of the potential buyers. This increases your chances of selling the house quicker and doing that with a price you're more than happy with. Remember to research the market, understand what the buyers want, upgrade and add new things, and fix any old or depreciated parts of the house.