An abaya or burka is a quite versatile garment. Though it is linked to Muslim women, it is worn by influencers around the world as a fashion trend too. Moreover, the fact that the abaya comes in multitudes of colors, fabrics, and styles makes it a good option for wearing over any kind of clothing.

If you are someone who is not familiar with an abaya, picture it like a robe. Except that a robe is not available in that many styles and does not cover your whole body. An abaya, on the other hand, is a loose piece of garment that covers the ankles too. Moreover, it is not very fit to accentuate body features. Instead, it is made of flowing fabrics and gives a silky look.

Moreover, you can also buy an embroidered abaya. Many come with needlework too. Hence, whether you have to attend a casual event or a work meeting, you can always find an abaya that will go perfectly.

History Of Abaya

The abaya originated in Eastern Saudi Arabia as the burka. However, it has now become the regional attire for many women in Arab Gulf countries. The difference between the burqa and abaya lies in the face covering. In the case of a burqa, the face is fully covered, while with an abaya, it is solely the outer garment. Alternatively, some may call it more like a robe.

When a woman wears an abaya, only this outer garment is visible, so you will find a variety of details and styles. Abayas also come in several kinds of fabric. The most commonly used are cotton, nidha, crepe, chiffon, and georgette. They also come in several styles and can be open at the front while others might be laced up or even come in a button-down fashion.

Now abaya is more than just a religious attire. Top brands around the world have also started launching their signature abayas and are taking the abaya trend a notch higher.

Different Types Of Abayas

Abaya is not just modest wear, you can make it a fashion statement too. Apart from choosing the color and fabric, you can also choose the style that suits your best. So, let me walk you through different styles of abayas to help you choose the best one for you.

Kaftan Style Abaya

Kaftans are such a versatile fashion trend that you cannot go wrong with them. So it is always useful to have a kaftan abaya in your collection. The best part about this abaya style is that it does not accentuate one’s figure but instead comes in a free-flowing style. The sleeves are attached in such a way that they are flared from the bodice to the sleeves. It also comes in both ruffled and unruffled styles and can be worn to a casual or formal event.

Khaleeji Style Abayas

Khaleeji abayas are another name for A-line abayas. They are cut straight and are usually open from the front. Apart from being available in several patterns and needlework, these abayas usually have beads glued at the front or on sleeves. Though the A-line abayas are most commonly worn, you can still make them trendy by accessorizing them. These abayas are usually made from chiffon which gives them a flowy look.

Frock Style Abaya

As the name suggests, the frock-style abayas are cut and stitched in the form of a frock. Some might be straight while others can have ruffles at the bottom or even layers. However, the best part about a frock-style abaya is that if you buy the embroidered or the ones with needlework, they look no different than regular frocks. Style it with a bit of jewelry and you are ready to attend a wedding ceremony or a birthday party.

Overcoat Abaya

Living in a cold country might make it difficult to wear coats or cardigans over an abaya. But worry not, you can wear an overcoat abaya. Overcoats or trench coat abayas are similar to coats, but they cover the entire body and looks more like an outer piece for layering and usually come with pockets, which makes them an even better option for practicality. The overcoat abayas are also slightly thicker and can further eliminate the need to wear a jacket or a cardigan in cold weather.

Lace Abaya

If you are unable to find an abaya for an event, the lace abaya is a safe and fashionable choice. These come with both open and closed front and can be paired with a belt too. Some lace abayas come in two layers while those with a single layer can be paired over a dress too. Lace abayas are totally chic to complement your outfit, whether you're going to a party or a casual outing.


If you are looking for a long, loose dress for modesty reasons, abayas will able to come in handy. You will be surprised at the variety of colors, styles and embellishments that are available in abayas. They also come in a variety of fabrics and different designs that can be worn to any formal and semi-formal events. If you are looking for a trendy yet modest style abaya, FERADJE is an economical option. You can choose the abaya as per your size from their vast abaya collection.