Lighting is an integral part of any home. However, lighting has a bigger place in a home than its basic function of visibility. It has the role of creating ambiance, playing with space and shape, and adding distinct character that can create inviting atmospheres and set the tone of a room.

Lighting for different rooms

Living rooms. Living rooms are often a focus of a home and act as the centre of relaxation, socialising, and activities. Even so, lighting placement in the living room will be unique depending on each particular space and its surrounding furnishings.

To add lighting that will complement the living room both in function and play, think to fill up dark corners with decorative lamps. Adding a low hanging pendant lamp over the coffee table to add style can also bring the perfect amount of light for evening activities.

Floor lamps are a classic way to add style and character into its surroundings, whether in use or not. For further ideas on decorating living spaces with different styles of lighting you can read more here.

Bedrooms. Bedrooms require a unique style of lighting all on its own. From getting ready to leave the house in the morning to winding down with a book in the evening, each style and placement of light will have its purpose.

For daytime use, natural lighting will be your best bet. Think bright enough so that you can choose what to wear with ease, while soft enough so that it mimics the natural light coming in through the window.

For the evening, side table lamps and wall lamps are common choices to relax and minimize any glare from daytime lighting. Lighting with controllable brightness and ultra-warm bulbs will bring a warm glow where you can easily transition your mood from day to night.

Kitchens. Kitchens are typically the space in the house where a large amount of time is spent. Whether you enjoy cooking with friends, for family, or batch cooking for the week ahead while listening to your favourite podcast, choosing the right type of lighting can add an element of ease and relaxation into the heart of your home.

While the most popular choice of lighting in kitchens are by far ceiling lights or perhaps a pendant light sitting over a kitchen island, the type of lighting you choose for this space once again truly depends on the overall style and desired functionality of the room.

With a semi-clear lamp shade placed above the kitchen counter, you can be blissfully food prepping in style for years to come.

Styles of lighting throughout the home

Now that we’ve gone over some ideas of lighting styles for the most popular rooms of the house, here is a guide to some of the most popular types of lighting including lamps, decorative stands, and lampshades.

Pendant lamps. Pendant lamps bring an articulate and elegant look to any space. With a seemingly endless choice of lightshades – the most popular being rice paper styles and natural wicker looks - you have the option of playing with many different looks, colours, and materials to create the perfect ambiance for your space, in any room that you choose.

Wall lamps. Wall lamps come in all shapes and sizes. For a few ideas, think spherical shapes that run vertical alongside your favourite piece of furniture, decorative lamp pieces that are literal works of art, and tall wall lamps that resemble floor lamps with the benefit of placing it in a particular place and keeping it off the floor.

With wall lamps, you can also have the option of choosing styles of lamp shades where colours and fabrics add an element of textural delight to your space.

Decorative lamps. Just like vases have been treasured through the ages, a decorative lamp sitting on a shelf can boost the style factor in your home x100. Think round edges and smooth lines for a modern look and understated glam.

Table and side table lamps. Just like their lamp cousins, side and main table lamps are no longer made to serve a dutiful function alone. Look for decorative styles that add art along with function, tailored to the level of brightness and height that will suit your space spectacularly.

Floor lamps. While floor lamps vary in heights and widths, they all share a common trait of resting on the floor. Aside from that, the variety is endless, from arc lamps, tall sleek lamps with a minimalistic design, and stocky lamps with wooden bases and your lamp shade of choice.

Lampshades. Lampshades are made to fit almost every type of lighting fixture and come in endless patterns and materials to. Something that is often unthought of when looking for a lampshade is the many shapes that are available amongst an array of incredible materials to give the ultimate look. Some shapes worth mentioning include sphere shades, disc shades, dome shades and angle shades. Phew!

Lamp bases. Lamp bases offer an incredible centrepiece for any surface. Depending on the style, they can also fit in any room. Because there is just so much variety that you can choose from, there is a lamp base for anywhere from a bathroom shelf, a bedroom side table, and a children’s playroom. Best part is, because the base is usually bought separately, you can customise the lamp in hundreds of different ways.

Good old fashioned light bulb. Last but not least, sometimes the most understated looks leave the most impact. Lightbulbs these days come in many colours, sizes shapes and so are often a decoration all on their own. We like oversized Edison bulbs with a warm amber tint to leave a soft glow and a bold look.

With an endless option of looks and styles of home lighting to choose from, with a little creativity and perusing the right providers, you have the ability to customise your space into the home of your dreams.