Considering all options and factors when you search for the best shoes for seniors, man or a woman, Velcro shoes are usually the thought be the best choice. The primary reason for such consideration is that these shoes are easy to wear and pull off. There is no need to deal with shoelaces and bending too much more it which may not only be cumbersome but even dangerous. Older people wearing Velcro shoes will usually not need any help from others to wear or remove the shoes.

It is due to all these convenient factors that make Velcro shoes the right choice for an elderly person or a caregiver. High quality Velcro shoes provide with an easy solution to people who have restricted motor skills and no longer find the traditional shoe closures easy to deal with.

These shoes will not only make the tedious process simple but will also help you to feel confident and stylish as well. You will find a wide array of shoes with Velcro fasteners that come in virtually every function and style that you can imagine of. You can also choose from a wide and extensive variety of these apart from shoes. You will get sneakers and slippers as well that are easy to put on and take off just like the shoes.

Useful features in it

It does not matter whether you lead a hectic or highly active life or whether you have restricted mobility and need assistance to wear a dress or footwear, with these Velcro fasteners you will get all the required convenience in wearing and removing your shoes. It is all due to the useful features that these shoes come with.

Velcro footwear comes in a large variety of styles and is a fashionable item that can be worn by people of all ages and even older adults. You can choose from the casual variety of loafers and walkers or even opt for the echo modern designer shoes that have discreet Velcro straps.

The modern Velcro fastened shoes are much unlike those of the past. The modern pairs not only look discreet but also resemble a regular pair of shoes.

Elderly women can find a large variety in styles that includes active workout shoes, casual loafer styles, highly functional walking shoes, and fashionable styles. These features make these shoes a perfect item to wear with any type of outfit whether it is a skirt or a dress.

In addition to shoes, if you wish to buy slippers with Velcro fastening straps, you will also get a snug and warm fit, just like the shoes.

There is one significant advantage of choosing a Velcro shoe over the traditional shoes that come with laces. There is no risk of tripping and falling over shoelaces that often come untied.

There are specially designed Resident Essentials velcro shoes for seniors available in the market as well that can be worn by elderly people suffering from special medical conditions and limited physical mobility. Velcro slippers and Velcro Diabetic Shoes are the best thing that they can choose for them.

The Velcro fastener will stay secured in place and will not get undone until you pull it off. Assuming that it gets undone for any particular reason, it will not cause you to fall as the shoe will stay in place and there is nothing to get tripped.

Since the Velcro shoes do not have any buckles, these are safe to wear as well as easy to put in and off. Moreover, shoes that come with buckles may be a bit difficult for the elderly people to cope with.

Therefore, Velcro shoes are extremely beneficial for the elderly people providing proper balance and comfort but most importantly they do not have to worry about checking and re-tying as it is in shoes that come with shoelaces.

Choosing the right pair

These shoes with Velcro fasteners will not cost you more than a traditional pair of shoes. Since you will get the same usefulness and functionality of a traditional pair of tie-shoes, there is no reason you should not invest in Velcro shoes especially if you are finding difficulty while putting in or taking off your shoes due to age related issues or medical conditions.

Just make sure that when you choose footwear with Velcro closures, the colors compliment your wardrobe. Also, make sure that the styles match your outfit and the functional designs suit your lifestyle. It is also advised that you select a pair of shoe based on your assessment after considering the product quality as well as by reading the customer opinions on different websites.

When you visit any website of any manufacturer make sure that you have enough time in hand to read through the whole posts, visit all the pages and look for the most important details. Do not hurry through the pages so that you end up making a wrong choice and an uninformed buying decision.

To make sure that you get what you are looking for, there are a few specific factors and features you need to consider in a pair of Velcro shoes. The important factors that will prevent you from making a wrong choice are:
  • Size: This is required as the feet changes with age.
  • Comfort: It must have a high level of comfort and must be flat, sturdy, have padded footrests, and non-skid soles to relieve pain and provide a better feel of balance while walking.
  • Weight: It must be light in weight especially if you are old and suffering from arthritis.
  • Durability: It must be string and durable to protect your feet. Durable shoes will not need to be replaced frequently.
  • Color: Since these are available in wide range of color there is not a point in buying one that you will seldom wear.
  • Fabric: Choose a high quality fabric that is washable and of polyester microfiber so that your feet get proper ventilation.
Lastly, always buy shoes from reputed and reliable brands. This will not only prevent you from buying an inferior pair of shoes but will also keep your feet free from health issues and injuries.