The benefits of attending an AICTE-approved college are numerous; one of them is getting a degree from a legit institution. If you are studying in an Indian college, you might have heard of AICTE and UGC approval. The standard of education that India offers is quite good compared to that of other countries. The higher institutions and colleges approved by AICTE might lack infrastructure due to their economic problems. But, some proportions of AICTE-approved colleges also have good infrastructure and campuses. Some colleges and universities that follow UGC and AICTE are IIScs, IIMs, IITs, and other renowned institutions.

But, a student gets confused about whether he/she should join the college or not. So, here will be discussing some of the benefits of attending an AICTE-approved college.

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Table of Contents

  1. What is AICTE
  2. Roles of AICTE
  3. Benefits of AICTE
  4. How do colleges get AICTE accreditation
  5. Why should one do BTech from AICTE approved college
  6. Things to remember
  7. FAQs

What is AICTE?

AICTE refers to the All India Council for Technical Education. The advisory board was set up to regulate and promote India's technical courses and education system. The council is a part of Human Resource Development. The board is also granted statutory status by the Indian Parliament under the Act 1987. It even allows the board to act effectively as well as integrate.

The council's primary responsibility is to accredit the postgraduate and graduate programs, most notably the technical education under the AICTE-approved colleges. Furthermore, AICTE plans to develop a technical and educational management system. TOMS is the best engineering college in Kerala, approved by AICTE.

Roles of AICTE

  • To approve education institutes for introducing new courses and even college extensions.
  • Permits set up new institutions that provide technical courses and programs of various levels such as Diplomas, Degree, Post Graduate, PG diplomas, etc.
  • Initiates the closure process if any institute has applied for the same.
  • AICTE can change the site or location of technical institutions in the country.
  • Monitors the permission for increase or decrease in the new courses.

Benefits of AICTE

AICTE accreditation is essential for technical institutions, but the ranking does not have any particular benefit for the institute. But the AICTE accreditation is necessary for the institutes that offer specialised education, engineering, management courses etc.

There are 10 statutory bodies of AICTE, and the courses must come under them. So, before the students apply for colleges, they must check the AICTE accreditation.

How do colleges get AICTE Accreditation?

Colleges that offer technical education, PG and UG courses under the 10 statutory bodies of AICTE need AICTE approval. So, the colleges need to apply for the same, but for it to be approved, the college needs to have the required infrastructure, good faculty and labs to run the course in a well-established manner. AICTE will first inspect the facilities that the institute is offering and then, after that, will provide the approval of the courses. Engineering college fees in Kerala, of the AICTE-approved colleges, are best suited for mostly everyone and can be easily found on the college's website.

Why should one do a B.Tech from an AICTE-approved college?

We know that the IIMs, IITs, and IIScs are the colleges and universities which follow the AICTE guidelines. So, it means that the colleges and universities approved by the AICTE and UGC are legitimate and genuine. So, if you are pursuing B.Tech or any technical course, look to be eligible in an AICTE-approved college to secure your career and open doors to good placements and job opportunities.

Things to remember:

  • AICTE approval is required for technical education and all the courses that fall under the 10 statutory bodies of AICTE.
  • As such, there are no unique benefits to the institutions of the AICTE accreditation.
  • Monitors the permission for the new intake of courses and even the college extension.
  • AICTE can only allow changes in the site or location of the institutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques. Which is the better option, UGC-approved or AICTE-approved?
UGC is internationally recognized; however, AICTE is not. So, a UGC-approved college is better.

Ques. What if a college is not approved by AICTE?
If a student is joining a course that is not approved by AICTE but is approved by UGC, then they should not fear. This is because it will be a legitimate one if UGC approves it.

Ques. Is AICTE certification valid?
Yes, it is valid and applicable in all places if you want a job.

Ques. Is AICTE approval necessary if you want to get a Government job?
If the college is approved by UGC, then you do not need AICTE approval. You are going to be eligible for the government like other students,

Ques. Are AICTE courses free?
Not all courses are free, but some E-learning courses are free.

Ques. Is IIT approved by AICTE?
Yes, IIT is approved by the AICTE board.

Ques. Who controls IITs in India?
The IITs are controlled by the Ministry of Education under the Central Government.

Ques. Why are IITs so popular?
IITs are popular in India because of their more significant opportunities and success stories. Moreover, it is approved by AICTE, and discipline here is maintained.

Ques. Which approval is best for colleges?
The approval from UGC is best for colleges. However, AICTE-approved colleges are also top-ranked.

Ques. Is the AICTE degree valid in the USA?
Yes, it is valid in the USA.

Best placement engineering colleges in Kerala offer the students the best education, professional understanding and placement opportunities. So, if you are thinking of carrying out a technical education career, take admission to AICTE approved college and open doors to a flourishing career.