When you walk out of a hotel or restaurant beaming and giving the staff five stars, it results from the high calibre of hotel and hospitality management personnel. The demand for workers in the business is growing since people around the world value good hospitality. You may learn everything about it at undergraduate and graduate levels if you want to pursue a hotel or hospitality management career.

What is Hotel Management?

A hotel manager/hotelier is responsible for managing a hotel's operations and other lodging-related businesses. Their duty includes business management, sales management, hotel staff management, upkeep and sanitary management, financial accounting, purchasing and many more.

Many sublevel managers work under a hotel manager, who handles specific departments.

Hotel management is taking charge and exercising leadership to ensure the business runs profitably while exceeding customers' expectations.

Particularly in India, the hospitality and tourist sectors have seen impressive growth in recent years. India is one of the most well-liked tourist destinations in the world, and it has many hotels. When it comes to providing the best hospitality, hotels are vital. Due to the abundance of hotels in the area, there is a significant need for hotel management expertise. Among many vocations, a hotel manager's role is crucial. One of a hotel manager's many duties is supervising all of the hotel's management personnel.

Requirements and Eligibility for pursuing Hotel Management:-

  • Anything relating to the hotel and other lodging sectors is managed as part of hotel management. If you wish to break into this industry, you must become knowledgeable about all aspects of running a hotel business, including marketing, hotel administration, catering management, housekeeping, and accounts.
  • Candidates for hotel and hospitality management must be outgoing and have a strong personality. Due to globalization, the hotel management sector is expanding at an exponential rate. Steady employment in the hotel industry is added to the economy each year. International hotel brands, in addition to Indian businesses, also provide these jobs. As a result, a career in hospitality management is rewarding.
  • Food and beverage service, front-office operations, sales and marketing, bookkeeping, and other skills are all part of hotel management positions. Many government institutions and private institutes in India provide hotel management certificates, diplomas, and degree programs.
ENROLLMENT:- To enrol in the undergraduate hotel management programme, students must have received a grade of at least 50% on their Class 12 exam.

ADMISSION:- For access to the Bachelors in Hotel Management (BHM) programme, students must pass entrance tests such as the NCHMCT JEE (National-Level Hotel Management Entrance Exam conducted by National Testing Agency (NTA).

POPULAR UG COURSES:- Many top universities in MP offer Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, BBA in Hotel Management, etc.

And many other state-level exams are held in India for this course: for further information about this topic, refer to https://leverageedu.com/blog/hotel-management-entrance-exams/.

Some top-ranked Hotel Management Colleges in India are listed below:-

  • IHM Delhi
  • IHM Bangalore
  • Mansarovar Global University

Postgraduate Courses in Hotel Management:-

Before applying for a postgraduate hotel management program, students must complete their undergraduate coursework with a 45% overall grade point average.

POPULAR PG COURSES IN INDIA:- Master of Hotel Management (MHM), Master in Tourism and Hotel Management (MTHM), MBA in Hotel Management, MBA in Hospitality Management, MSc Tourism and Hospitality Management, MBA in Hospitality,


Certificate courses in Hotel Management:-

Candidates can enrol in a certification course at any point in their studies after graduating from class 12. The certification course has no admission exam requirements.

POPULAR CERTIFICATE COURSES:- Fundamentals Of Hospitality Revenue and Hotel Management (Food and Beverage).

Why You Should Choose Hotel Management?

A range of flexible employment choices is available in the hospitality industry, which is a dynamic and fast-paced sector. Although the pandemic caused the sector to slow down, recovery is imminent. Here are some excellent reasons to pursue a career in the hospitality sector:-

1) Opens doors to a variety of industries:-

A degree in hospitality can lead to a variety of job opportunities. Numerous additional industries can enter through this one. Retail, travel and tourism, hotels and resorts, parks, culinary arts, aviation, beauty and wellness, banking, cruises, and event management are just a few career options. In reality, hospitality work helps you build a particular set of talents that can be used in these professions.

2) Global Reach:-

A career in hospitality will undoubtedly take you to the locations of your dreams. The hotel sector makes the world accessible by adopting a global perspective. Additionally, service is always appreciated, and if you do it well, no one can stop you. Additionally, many businesses operate hotels all around the world, which simplifies moving. This line of employment can take you to the most stunning and exotic locations where you can collaborate with people from various cultural backgrounds and develop as a team.

3) Wide skill set:-

This is one field where the best hard and soft skills are required. Your ability to handle any task and fit in with different industries is enhanced by this field. These subjects teach students to communicate effectively, think critically, solve problems, and persistently work hard. The students are prepared for all unforeseen difficulties in this field.

4) Enjoyable:-

This field allows workers to express their creativity while having fun at work. There is variety in work. In general, the working environment is pleasant, and it is exciting. Consider working in Australia's outback or at a stunning resort in the Maldives. The staff will have a variety of tasks to complete each day, fascinating challenges to overcome, and a tremendous amount of job satisfaction.

5) Future growth:-

This industry is currently one of the fastest growing. Although the sector has suffered a short-term setback as a result of COVID-19. Today, hospitality students have a wide range of job options. Future prospects are excellent. There will also be several brand-new job opportunities. This sector is seeing unprecedented growth.

Job Positions in the Hotel Industry:-

Jobs available at hotels are divided into three categories:
  • The front office includes the hotel porter, front desk agent, front desk supervisor, maintenance staff, and cleaning staff.
  • There are openings at the hotel's food and beverage department for wait staff, restaurant managers, kitchen employees, and more.
  • There are general, marketing, revenue, sales, and other positions in management and headquarters.
Some famous job roles with their respective average salaries per annum are listed below (in Rupees):-

Hotel Manager- Rs. 450,000

Restaurant Manager- Rs. 430,000

General Manager, Hotel- Rs. 1,020,000

Guest Service Associate- Rs. 150,000

Housekeeping Supervisor- Rs. 300,000

Waiter/Waitress, Hotel- Rs. 240,000

Front Office Supervisor- Rs. 276,000

Bottom Line

The hotel industry is growing with immense job opportunities in India and globally. Suppose you have the skillsets and mindset to become a manager that primarily deals in the hotel and other lodging industries. You can attend hotel management courses in Bhopal to have a fruitful career.