Liberal Arts are the study of art science and its complementary disciplines. The various degrees are spearheaded by several subjects and are all about studying complex areas of life.

A liberal arts degree develops logical thinking skills based on world issues, including solutions to several political, economic, social, and environmental problems.

Millions of people around the world take up the liberal arts degree. Although it does have the reputation of being a soft-skills degree with no clear career pathway, the new state-of-the-art programs and exposure to significantly underrated fields make it a worthwhile degree.

Most Prominent Liberal Arts Disciplines in India

  • Humanities: The branch of humanities includes literature, linguistics, philosophy, art, ethics, foreign policy, gender studies, language, theatre, spoken word, foreign culture, performing arts, and speech.
  • Social Sciences: Social science includes psychology, history, law, sociology, political science, gender studies, public affairs, anthropology, economics, geography, and business informatics.
  • Natural sciences: The expansive branch of natural science includes physics, chemistry, environmental studies, biology, geography, earth sciences, astronomy, archaeology, and zoology.
Scope of Liberal Arts in India

A degree in Liberal Arts opens many doors and offers high-paying jobs to people. It is an excellent stream for those who are serious about their career and develop a well-rounded, problem-solving personality.

Is A Liberal Arts Degree Worth it in India?

In a technology-driven and fast-paced world, it is understandable to question the importance of a liberal arts degree. But a liberal arts degree does train students and gives them specific employability skills that help propel them to great heights in their professional careers.

Most liberal arts degree graduates develop higher-order thinking, emotional intelligence, and critical reasoning skills that will come to aid in a world filled with robots and automation.

Significantly few jobs won't fall to the axe of automation. Writing, creative analysis, criticism, and artistry are some jobs that will remain largely independent and human-centric even at the heights of automation. All of these jobs can be earned with a liberal arts degree.

4 Burning Myths Surrounding a Liberal Arts Degree

1. It is all about dance and art.

Despite the use case of 'art' in the title, the degree is not limited to art streams like filmmaking, painting and dancing but a comprehensive study of miscellaneous subjects that cannot be sectioned into science and math streams.

2. It has no placement guarantee.

Most colleges such as UBS, one of the best business schools in Mumbai, do have campuses for placement. However, placement in engineering and management colleges is an entirely different deal due to the homogeneity of the students. In a liberal arts curriculum offered by leading economics colleges in Mumbai, the variety of career choices and diversified scope of learning comes into play. Hence, it is best for students to take up jobs that fit their skills and honor their craft.

3. It is pursued by academically challenged students.

Indeed, most students who cannot perform well in science or math take up liberal arts. Many prominent people and business leaders worldwide, such as Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, and many others, first got a liberal arts degree and later built their careers based on that education.

4. It has a low Return on Investment.

A recent study showed that graduates with a liberal arts degree from a liberal arts college in Mumbai liberal arts college in Mumbai earn higher than their peers as their career progresses. While the salaries of technical fields stagnate after a while, as their offerings halt up, a liberal arts major only advances in their field and continues to better themselves in their area.

6 Ways Liberal Arts Education Can Benefit Your Career

1. A new approach to learning

A liberal arts degree expands the boundaries of learning with new methodologies, techniques, and curriculums that cannot be found in a traditional setting. The area is constantly reinventing itself by combining old and proven methods with new and experimental techniques. This education has a transformative effect on the students who wish to break the mould and learn new things.

2. Interesting subjects

The subject choice largely depends on the course, but the variety is ahead of what you will get with generic subjects. The exciting issues make it worthy of attention and learning. The topics also introduce students to new and advanced career streams that people venturing on unconventional career paths must explore.

3. Immense career opportunities

There is a rising demand for professionals in advertising, marketing, healthcare, management, and human resource fields. Liberal arts degree adds some much-needed nuance to the technical posts, and liberal arts graduates make for much better managers and industry leaders.

4. Numerous soft skills

A liberal arts degree from BBA colleges in Mumbai trains students in various rather significant soft skills such as effective communication, conversation, analytics, critical thinking, and so much more. While technical and rigid degrees such as in subjects of math and science restrict students to a single field, humanities open doors for brand new issues and topics that hone their soft skills.

5. International opportunities

A liberal arts degree is the most non-restrictive stream of education. It is a myth that only STEM students can envision a career abroad. Humanities graduates can very much seek a career of their choice in their field of expertise. A liberal arts degree prepares you for international opportunities.

6. Preparation of a new future

As per a recent study, 65% of kids born in the 2010s will pursue careers that haven't even been invented or conceived yet. Just like the digital entrepreneurs of today's time, new spheres of technology will soon take us to a brand new future, and those with a solid grasp on history and contemporary sciences will benefit the most.

In Conclusion,

Here is how a liberal arts degree can troubleshoot your career to new heights. While the degree and career options are endless, we suggest you land on a choice that fulfils your professional and your personal life.