Pet rodents are quite popular owing to their intelligence, low cost, affection, minimal shedding, and allergies. But as a pet owner, you must adequately feed it for better growth. This is where many rodent pet owners get it wrong. There are things you need to do and exceptional food you should provide the pet. In addition, certain conditions also call for some changes in the pet's feeding. Therefore, you need to be careful for it to thrive. Here is a simple guide that can help you do so.

Carefully Choose the Food

You must carefully choose the pet's food for a start. Rodents like the gerbils eat mainly dry vegetables, pellets, fruits, and lean meat. At times you can give it treats like nuts or unsalted popcorn. Therefore the diet should comprise 90% pellets and around 10% fruits and vegetables. In addition, you can feed it hay such as meadow, orchard grass, or clover as a source of fibre. It will be best if you don't feed it processed food, rhubarb, or grapes due to the risk of toxicity.

Make the Pet Rodent to Search The Food

Rodents are natural hunters, so you should try to make them hunt for food. You can scatter the food inside the cage and make the pet sniff it out. Alternatively, you can find the food in a cardboard box or plastic bag so that the pet rip it to get the food. Doing so entertains the pet and also helps it be active.

Put Fresh Food Daily

Putting fresh food every day is also essential for the pet's well-being. You shouldn't put food in the cage and leave it to eat until it's over, and doing so puts the rodent at risk of eating contaminated food. Instead, it will be best to always check for food remnants and discard them, especially fruits and vegetables. However, ensure that you replace it with fresh food, which should be twice daily.

Rotate the Type of Food

Like humans, pet rodents require a different type of food for nutritional balance. Pet rodents need diet rotation to get sufficient nutrients. Therefore, it will be best to avoid feeding the pet one kind of food daily. You should switch, and experts recommend commercial rodent pellets that are nutritionally balanced. Note that water is also essential and you should provide it round the clock.

Make Sure You Feed the Pet as Per Its Condition

Pet rodents like the gerbils might require a change in feeding under conditions like pregnancy. The pet's appetite increases during pregnancy as it needs an extra supply of calories for the unborn babies, which applies when providing for the young ones. Therefore, it will be best to increase the potion under such conditions.

Keeping a pet rodent is deemed fun and inexpensive. However, you must feed it properly and give it a specific type of food for better health and growth. This is because some types of food can be toxic to the pet, and feeding it the same food can cause nutrition deficiency. Therefore, it will be best if you use this guide as you provide your pet rodent.