Choosing graphics for a Yamaha dirtbike is a vital milestone for any rider. Keeping the look and appeal of a bike intact while adding decal graphics can be difficult due to limited space on plastic dirtbike parts. The good news for riders is that graphics kits come pre-made specifically for the bike parts they will go on. The decals are designed for specific dirtbikes and bike parts, making it crucial for riders to double-check when ordering their graphics kits.

When buying graphics for your Yamaha dirt bike, it's essential to purchase from a reputable seller of graphics kits. Customer reviews help significantly in this endeavor. The customer reviews will show the quality of the graphics kits and how easy they are to install for customers. Most riders will have an easy time installing their Yamaha graphics kits.

Important Benefits of Graphics

The most beneficial aspect of a dirtbike graphics kit will be the protection of plastic parts. Scratches are an everyday risk for dirtbikes, making it vital to protect against them as much as possible. Decals will protect the plastic from more than scratches, though. They will also protect against UV damage from the sunlight. UV protection keeps decals from fading over time as well.

The second obvious benefit of a graphics kit will be the improvement of a dirtbike's aesthetics. Adding sponsor graphics, logos, bold colors, and artistic styles will improve how a bike looks on the track. Eye-catching designs will turn heads far more than a bland dirtbike. Decal kits are also a great way to cover damaged body parts when replacement is unaffordable. Continuously replacing body parts can get expensive, making decal kits an affordable way to cover up damaged plastic parts on a dirtbike to retain its look.

Easily Install Dirtbike Graphics

Taking a dirtbike to a professional shop is not needed for graphics kit installation. A rider should be capable of installing the kit with little hassle.
  • First step: Prep the Dirtbike! Start prepping the dirtbike by removing its decals with a heat gun. Remove any excess adhesive left on the plastic with a contact cleaner or rubbing alcohol on a cloth. After removing the excess glue, clean the plastic with soap and water. Let the plastic dry entirely before moving on.
  • Second step: Adjust the Decals. This one's a pretty easy step to handle. When adjusting the decals, align them perfectly before removing the backing paper. To remove the backing paper, press the decal before pulling back the backing paper. Air bubbles are easy to remove with a thumb or credit card.
  • Third step: Finish the Application. The final step involves heating the decals with a heat gun. The heat helps the graphics decal adhere to curved parts of the bike easier. When the decals cool down, they typically stay in place for 8 to 10 years.
Graphics decals are beneficial investments for riders to make. They're easy to install and last for up to a decade while protecting plastic parts.

Keep Your Ride Looking Sharp

While protecting the plastic parts on a dirtbike is vital, it's also just as crucial for a dirtbike to look good while on the track. Adding graphics to a dirtbike will improve its aesthetics while protecting the plastic parts exposed the most to scratches and weather risks.