Doing business in e-commerce implies the need to master new analytical tools. The purpose of their application is to increase the attendance or traffic of the website and, as a result, to get a more significant percentage of conversions. Web traffic analytics allows you to get comprehensive statistics regarding users' movements on the Internet, which led to your online store. By understanding the laws of this movement, webmasters, marketers, and SEO specialists will be able to improve the strategy of promoting websites on the Internet in general and among the target audience in particular.

The Role of Search Engines in the Success of a Business Project
The success of an e-commerce business depends not only on a successful marketing campaign, a quality product, or the responsiveness of customer support service. Critical to promoting a company's web page is the ability to interact with search engine robots that explore the Internet by crawling websites. The better the contact with them, the more likely it is to attract traffic to your online resources. PRposting knows how to properly create website content to inspire trust and attention from consumers and search engines.

What Can You Learn From Traffic Analysis?
A business can learn its indicators and similar data on competitive companies by analysing website traffic. By comparing them, analysts, marketers and webmasters will be able to see the competitive advantage of other companies and strengthen their activities or the website's functioning in this direction. Here are just some of the metrics that can be obtained through traffic analysis:
  • The number of website visits in a given period
  • How many visitors in a certain period were new, and how many returned from previous visits to the site
  • Traffic sources and which of them are the most efficient in terms of conversion. After receiving this information, marketers can adjust the advertising campaign, focusing on those sources that give the maximum number of targeted visitors.
  • Which site pages are most attractive to visitors and make them stay longer?
  • Which keywords in the content presented on the site were the most effective in attracting customers?
Information obtained from traffic analysis will be helpful for webmasters and marketers, and SEO specialists. Based on the data received, they will be able to increase the effectiveness of content and contextual advertising. Professionals from PRposting will create high-quality content and distribute it on the best thematic resources. As a result of collaborative work based on data obtained from traffic analysis, your website promotion strategy will improve significantly.