DOTA 2 is known for many things, and its diverse characters are always on top of the list. Since it’s a squad-based game, every character has a different role. But individual playstyles are rewarded, too, because some characters are excellent at attacking, while others cover things like defence and support.

Morphling in DOTA 2 is one of the most fascinating characters and is an Agility-type character. He can shift his attributes based on his situation, which gives him an advantage on the battlefield over unsuspecting enemies.

His key attributes are carrying, evasion, and durability – so he’s best played as a character that pokes the enemies and breaks their defences. And his most iconic ability allows him to gain the basic skills of his enemies, which makes him very unpredictable!

It doesn’t take long to learn the basics of a character’s role in DOTA 2. However, you need more knowledge of your character’s skills and abilities if you wish to win against strong players. The more you know, the better!

Don’t worry; we’re here to save you time with our thorough Morphling DOTA 2 guide. You’ll learn what makes him so good and how to fight against him. Let’s jump right into it!

Morphling’s Background and Role in DOTA 2

Morphling is an alien creature that fell through the sky on the eve of the Ancient War of Vloy. At first, he was a frozen ball that had melted into boiling heat. Since he was born within the conflict, he entered the fight and took the form of the first general who came close to him. After killing him, he went on to take many forms, such as that of a swordsman, a cavalryman, and an archer.

And he only stopped when no one was left standing on the battlefield. With these newfound skills, the Morphling’s chaos was only beginning.

When it comes to the gameplay, Morphling is all about being agile and is an excellent carry. He’s perfect for players who like to keep the enemy team tense, as he can escape after dealing a lot of damage and even copying their moves.

And if you don’t want to Carry others, he’s still great at disabling the enemy team on your own since he ranks pretty well on durability too. Unpredictability and Morphling DOTA 2 are words that go hand in hand!

Morphling’s Abilities

Morphling in DOTA 2, as briefly mentioned above, is all about agility, carrying, and disabling your enemies. So, his abilities reflect that too.
  • Waveform – Morphling turns into liquid and uses that state to quickly lunge forward. Any enemies in his path get damaged, and he’s invulnerable when using this ability.
  • Adaptive Strike (Agility) – Morphling throws a surge of water toward an enemy. It deals both base and additional damage based on Morphling’s agility. If his agility is 50% or higher than his strength, the multiplier makes the attack very powerful.
An alternate version of this movie is Adaptive Strike (Strength). It works exactly the same, but if his strength is 50% higher than his agility, maximum knockback is dealt to the enemy. The movie also has a Shard Upgrade version, which adds 1+ Multishot and increases the stun duration by 1 second. So, two heroes become a target instead of one.
  • Attribute Shift (Agility Gain) – Morphling shifts its form and pulls points from Strength in this ability. He then puts those points in Agility.
An alternate version of this movie is Attribute Shift (Strength Gain), which is the same thing but with one difference. This time, Morphling pulls points from Agility and puts them in Strength. Both processes are reversible.
  • Morph – Many consider this to be Morphling’s most unique ability. He changes his form to match his targeted enemies and gains their ability. You can toggle it for as long as the power lasts. This move also has a Scepter Ability Upgrade version, in which he also steals stats from the replicated enemy. If the enemy’s primary attribute is Strength, Morphling will also steal their Status Resistance. And if it’s Agility, Morphling will steal their Attack Speed. And lastly, if it’s Intelligence, he will steal Spell Amplification. And last but not least, Morph Cooldown reduces by 20.0 seconds too.

Morphling’s Gameplay

Despite his unique abilities, Morphling is not complicated to play.

First, he’s a bit vulnerable at the start of every match. You should consider upgrading him as much as possible because his later levels increase his range and make him smaller. For example, in later levels, Waveform evolves into an area-of-effect ability that can grab him kills quickly if used at the right time.

In the mid-game, try to stock up on mana as much as possible. The items that you should look out for are Linken’s Sphere and Manta Style, which provide him much-needed buffs. After a while, you’ll be quite late into the game, and you can start using items like Satanic, Daedalus, and Monkey King Bar.

Your goal is to simply pressure the enemy as much as possible. Use your abilities to confuse them, and then go for the kill whenever possible. Farm, buy items, kill, repeat. You will be a precious member of your time if you play your cards right!

Best Morphling DOTA 2 Counters

If you’re fighting a Morphling main, you must know what heroes you can use to counter him.
  • Skywrath Mage – His Arcane’s Bolt ability helps him deal consistent damage to Morphling since it lowers his cooldown. Ancient Seal prevents Morphling from using any skills, and Mystic Flare can burst him down, too, if the player is using more points in Agility.
  • Rubick’s ability to steal Attribute Shift (Strength Gain) can make him very annoying for Morphling players. If he puts enough points in Strength and then steals Morphling’s Adaptive Strike, he will be able to stun him easily for 3 seconds and in long range.
  • Anti-Mage – His Counterspell’s bonus magic resistance makes several of Morphling’s abilities deal less damage. Mana Break, combined with Manta Style, can burn Morphling’s mana and render him unable to use spells.
  • Elder Titan – Natural Order can reduce Morphling’s agility, which means his armour will take a massive hit.
  • Ancient Apparition – Ice Blast stops Attribute Shift (Strength Gain) from receiving other health. Ice Vortex slows Morphling’s movement speed, and Ancient Apparition can use this to kill him if a good lane partner is around.
  • Mirana – Sacred Arrow’s long stun duration can stop Morphling from using some of his abilities, such as Waveform. And if the Mirana player buys Linken’s Sphere, it protects her from single-target abilities like Adaptive Strike.
Other decent counter characters include Phantom Lancer, Outworld Destroyer, Meepo, Lion, Earth Spirit, and Arc Warden.