What originally started as a short film written by two colleagues without a budget is now the second-highest-grossing horror movie franchise in the US. With 9 movies released, a tenth in the making, two video games, and tons of comics – Saw is not a name that a horror movie fanatic can look away from.

Though every Saw film is unique, some are better than others. And that’s what we’re here for today as this is our list of all Saw movies ranked!

All Saw Movies Ranked

A compelling story, great acting, and sound editing make a movie suitable. However, one extra element determines how good a Saw movie is: the traps.

The traps and deaths in Saw movies always have to be innovative. And they contribute significantly to how much the fans enjoy it. So, with that in mind, let’s get on with our list!

1. Saw (2004)

Saw (2004)

Despite being almost two decades old, the first Saw movie remains undisputed in terms of its quality and thrills. Saw set the stage for everything that came later and was one of the most innovative horror movies. Its gore may not be as wild as the later entries, but it’s refreshingly clever and would still upset those with a weak stomach. James Wan did an excellent job making the movie feel grand despite its low budget!

It really helps that you don't have to watch all the sequels to understand. Sometimes you just want to enjoy a standalone experience without twenty flashbacks. So, when it comes to having all Saw movies ranked, the first movie undoubtedly deserves the crown.

2. Saw 3

Saw 3
Saw 3 is the last point before the franchise became too complicated for its own good. Saw 3 is a detailed movie featuring some of the franchise's best traps. We have the iconic ribcage breaking trap, the chain trap, a scene where a character has to dip her hand in acid to pull a key out, and more.

But the story itself is compelling, and Jeff is one of the most sympathetic characters in the franchise. He has hardly done wrong and is still pulled into the game to choose between revenge and mercy. Last but not least, this is the last movie that had Jigsaw alive. And it showed us the mentor-daughter dynamic between Amanda and Jigsaw, which was fun to watch.

3. Saw 2

Saw 2
Saw 2 is the first sequel the franchise ever got, and it’s no surprise that it amplifies everything that made the first one so good. The plot is simple but still engaging, and the violence becomes gorier.

Not only that, but the movie has a large cast of characters who have different motives and strong individual wills to survive. Amanda is introduced for the first time in this movie and becomes the main character in some of the sequels. The pit full of syringes may not be as elaborate as some of the other traps in Saw movies, but it’s easily one of the hardest to watch.

Ironically, when we look at all Saw movies ranked, the top three include the first three movies in the franchise. But irony aside, these were the best the franchise had to offer and stayed true to their roots.

4. Saw 6

Saw 6
After a couple of movies that failed to impress fans and critics alike, Saw 6 is what many saw as a return to form. Instead of focusing on small-time criminals, the movie has a larger narrative. It makes a social statement about predatory medical insurance companies and reveals that Jigsaw himself had funding for his cancer treatment rejected in the past.

And the man at the centre of the game is the executive who declared Jigsaw’s request unreasonable, which makes for an interesting dynamic.

That’s not all, as the plot points from the previous movies are still playing out too. Don’t worry; the traps are as creative as ever, with lots of gore throughout the game. It may not be the best sequel, but it stands out well when you see all the Saw movies ranked.

5. Spiral: From the Book of Saw

Spiral is what happens when a competent detective story is combined with the gorefest that is Saw. The movie features Chris Rock as a complicated protagonist, and the performance is good. Samuel L. Jackson is around too, who is obviously a delight to watch in whatever he’s in!

The movie shows us a different game set that Jigsaw himself does not manipulate. Instead, it’s a copycat who wishes to punish corrupt people dangerous to society. Fortunately, the movie still includes many gory traps and moral choices that we all know and love. It’s a nice break from how convoluted the mainline series has become.

6. Jigsaw (2017)

Before Spiral, we had the soft reboot in the face of Jigsaw. Though it’s not incredibly fresh, it did breathe new life into the franchise. The creepy doll is back; many people with their lives are at risk, new characters are introduced, and the traps feel more grounded.

It’s still as gory as its predecessors, but it feels like a new era that does not stray away from its roots. Though newcomers can easily enjoy this movie, longtime fans get the additional backstory in the life of John Kramer – which is always fun because he is undoubtedly a highlight of the franchise. Spiral is slightly better at the soft rebooting task, but Jigsaw is still not that low on our all Saw movies ranked list, considering there are nine in total.

7. Saw 5

Regarding a list of all Saw movies ranked, it’s difficult to pick between Saw 4 and 5. Both have too much going on at once and feel overcrowded. However, Saw 5 has an advantage in trying to make sense of the mess that Saw 4 started.

We have Detective Hoffman as a full-fledged antagonist, and he has to try to hide his identity as Jigsaw’s accomplice from the world. Meanwhile, FBI agent Peter Strahm is hell-bent on uncovering the truth and a cat-and-mouse game is pretty entertaining to watch.

Of course, there’s also a less focused game this time. But it does feature some exciting traps, and they were slightly more innovative than what Saw 4 had to offer.

8. Saw 4

Saw 4 is the first movie that strays too far from the formula. And it then kicked off a trend of the Saw movies taking place simultaneously, with too many flashbacks and plot points that the viewer must pay close attention to at all times. You blink – and you won’t know what’s going on anymore.

For all of its faults, though, the movie does have some decent twists and brings back Donnie Wahlberg from the second Saw movie. Though the traps don’t feel much different, you’ll still enjoy the senseless violence as a fan of the series. And lastly, it features the conclusion to Jeff’s storyline.

9. Saw 3D: The Final Chapter

Saw 3D is easily the bottom of the barrel. It’s the last movie for the death-escaping Detective Hoffman and had 3D as a gimmick in the cinema.

The movie is mainly about Hoffman cleverly avoiding the FBI. And in the game side of things, we have a man who lied that he survived Jigsaw’s traps, so now he will have to put his money where his mouth is.

The story arguably lacks thought, and it gets clear that the franchise has lost its magic. It does feature some creative traps, especially in the movie's opening – so fans of Saw movies can still find some entertainment. And, of course, Lawrence Gordon’s cameo is a great way to wrap it all off. But it’s just easy to see why the franchise disappeared for seven years after this.

That’s a wrap on our list of all Saw movies ranked! We hope you agree, but we also understand if you like certain movies more than us. They’re all entertaining to watch at the end of the day and a treat for fans of gore films.