Proxies are the best alternative to using VPNs to browse online anonymously, safely, and securely. Users can either use a proxy as a browser extension or download proxies through an available service or with software. Free and purchasable downloads and attachments can be found in abundance. Users should use informed decisions to find and implement a proxy download or extension that best matches their online surfing considerations and preferences, which will be exclusively discussed here!

Browser Extension

Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Opera are currently the most common web browsers for devices. For Apple users, access the Advanced Preferences on the Safari application and then click Change Settings to view the Network pane of System Preferences to change proxy settings. A similar process will need to be done for Google Chrome, and Google further offers Chrome. Proxy API to maximize proxy configuration. Define proxy.ProxyConfig to define settings and embed rules through proxy. ProxyRules or proxy.PacScript. Chrome also has mode attribute values to predetermine browsing behaviours. Users can choose direct mode without parameters that need to be added to ProxyConfig or auto_detect to follow a downloaded PAC script. Other modes and bypasses can efficiently be coded for Chrome.

Activate a proxy with Internet Explorer by selecting Manage Add-Ons under the Tools button, which is the gear icon in the upper-right corner of an open browser. Then, click Show then All Add-Ons to select and enable the chosen proxy. Likewise, Extensions are located to the right of the browser bar to get or choose Add-Ons, which can also be found under Settings of Microsoft Edge. Opera supports Chrome Extensions, and add-ons can be done through the Widgets option.

Proxy Downloads

Although browser extensions are free, users should highly consider purchasing a downloadable program or service to have more tremendous proxy advantages. Free downloadable applications and services have the potential to leak personal identification, such as IP addresses, and have higher disconnect rates. Therefore, users should invest in a credible proxy source, such as YiLu Proxy.

YiLu Proxy offers over 90 million dynamic, proprietary clean, and stable rotating residential IP addresses from 200 international locations that are updated daily. Their SOCK5 proxy supports high data and traffic needs to cater to streams, torrents, and video games. Latency speeds average 10 milliseconds, which is better than recommended optimal latency speeds of 20-40ms! The extraordinary low latency speeds match normal IP functions, so webpages will not detect the proxy. Increased internet acceleration and connection can optimise browsing, downloading, and uploading experiences.

Businesses also benefit from the advanced features offered by YiLu Proxy. Such attributes support data scraping to obtain large-scale and new consumer and virtual information important to competitive eCommerce vendors or for internet marketing and tracking local indexes and rank to boost and monitor search engine optimization (SEO) and advertisements. Technical support and website testing are also offered to businesses and users to ensure a suburb proxy experience. The rate for their most affordable proxy option is $0.10 per shared static IP with 24 hours of access that comes with unlimited bandwidth, request, and traffic options. Monthly plans start at $5 for dedicated fixed IP plans, or users can choose to pay by traffic accruals.