One of the few things that make me want to cry is the sight of my messy closet. With clothes and hangers piling up, cleaning a closet seems like a daunting task. But the more you wait, I can guarantee the worse it will be.

Having a big closet is great until you have to clean it. Have you wondered how to clean a closet and keep it organized? Today, this article from Glimmer Edinburgh will walk you through the best ways to declutter your closet.

Take everything out of the closet

The first thing you will do is remove every piece of clothing from your closet. Yes, I know how tiring it sounds to remove everything. But if you want a clean and organized closet, you will have to put the time and energy into it.

Be careful when you are taking out everything. Do not hurry as you might misplace a t-shirt or a sock which will give you hell later.

Give your closet a wash

Once your closet is empty, grab a clean rag and start wiping the inside. Make sure that you dust all the shelves and racks. Grab your vacuum and clean the floors. Do not forget to check whether the light bulbs are working or not.

Keep the doors open so that air can pass through your closet.

Start making piles

Now comes the tricky part. Grab some bags and make them into three categories:

Keep, donate and repair. Look through all your clothes and start putting them into the bag. Right off the bat, separate the clothes that you wear daily. This may be your favourite pair of jeans or your comfy hoodies.

If any item is in good condition, but you haven't worn it in a long time, toss it into the donate bag. The same thing applies to shoes as well.

You might wonder what to do with clothes with missing buttons or stubborn stains? Just put them into the repair bag, and you are good to go.

If you want to know how to clean a closet and keep it organized, this is the most crucial part as this is very time-consuming.

Put everything back

Once all the piles are sorted through, grab the 'keep' pile and look through it. Begin by folding all your clothes with patience. It will help if you put away your clothes where you use them the most should be at the front.

Put your athletic gear near the front if you work out a lot. But if you wear formal clothes, put your shirts onto the nearest racks.

When you have placed all your clothes into the closet, give a final check, and then you are done.