The business arena has become a harsh place since the start of the pandemic; a place where only the fittest survive and in order for the small business to be able to compete with larger companies, outsourcing essential services is a must. Using 3rd party providers is a cost-effective way to get things done, which is why most companies outsource.

Here are 5 essential business services that can be provided by a third party.
  1. Digital Marketing – This is not something you can afford to be without and an ongoing SEO investment will put your website at the top of Google’s search results. You should join forces with a leading digital marketing agency and let them compile an aggressive digital marketing plan that includes SEO, social media and pay per click advertising. It is all about driving traffic to the client’s website and there are quite a few ways to achieve this, which the agency would tailor to suit the business.
  2. IT Services – Every business has IT needs and with IT support in Fresno, you can take advantage of cloud data storage and the provider can protect your data with the best cyber-security. Use VoIP for communication and stop paying those sky-high cell phone costs that seem to get higher every month and with a managed IT service company in your corner, your business will enjoy sustainable growth. The first thing to do is make an inquiry with a local IT support company and they can take a look at your business and make some recommendations.
  3. Website Needs – All of your web needs can be provided by a single company; design and build your website, register the domain name and also host the platform. If you don’t have a webmaster, they can administer the site on your behalf. It is expensive to hire IT staff, plus you have the liability that comes with having employees; outsource all your web needs to a local web designer and you are free to focus on other aspects of your business.
  4. Logistics – If you have logistics needs, why not talk to a leading 3PL company, which have all the resources to deliver or collect whatever you need. Think of the money you will save when you close down your transport department, which costs so much to run, while local couriers are always available to deliver and collect important documents and packages. In the fastest-growing business sector, third party logistics can take the strain off you by delivering and collecting goods. Click here for more information about logistics companies and why some are doing better than others.
  5. Printing – If you regularly need high-quality promotional literature, your local print shop would have laser colour printers, which means you don’t have the expense of investing in expensive printers. Presentation handouts can be ordered in advance and delivered by the provider, saving your office staff from having to print, sort and staple the sets.
Outsourcing is a vital aspect of any business and by choosing the best providers, your company will be super-efficient. We would like to end this article with a warning about cyber-crime; the FBI receives hundreds of complaints daily from online users that have been hacked, so you should have some cyber-security in place.