Perfect Closet
 If your closet feels undersized and overstuffed, it could be that you are not using every inch of space efficiently. Smart closet design helps you organise and store your clothes and gear.

After a wardrobe search for summer/spring cleaning is the best time to design a closet. You work with only those clothes, accessories and storage issues that survived the cleaning cut. You will never try to accommodate useless clutter, which makes organisation and design easier.

Plan And Prioritise

When designing the perfect closet, talk to your designer about including the minimum suggested allowances for closets. To reach in the closet count 24 inches in depth from the door to the back wall to allow hanger space. Allow 5 feet in width for a walk-in closet to provide 3 Foot wide walkway along with the hanging space. Hand-made and intricately carved Bone inlay chest of drawers collection for all modern designers.7 feet is needed to have clothes hanging on each side of the walkway. Some standards from primary homes suggest four feet of hanging space per person who uses a closet. Coat closet is slightly deeper than bedroom closets to accommodate bulky coats and jackets on hangers. A coat requires every 4 inches on a rod. The minimum size for a coat closet is 36 inches wide, in a casual cabin, the coat closet could be replaced by a mudroom where shoes, outwear, Sporting equipment and more get a place to hang or to be stored.

Personalized Design

As per survey, Urbaneman your lifestyle dictates what is in your closets like workout gear, business suits and casual or formal wear, you have options of how to manage your wardrobe and to design your closet. 
  • Shoes and boots- Hanging bags, shells, marked boxes or a shoe shelf/wall.
  • Folded shirts/jeans/sweaters- shelves for stacking or pull out drawers.
  • Pants- full-length hangers or fold-over hangers.
  • Purses and hats- stacking shelves or wall hooks.
  • Hangers- colour coded and space-saving
  • Individual space bags or garment bags for storage
  • Accessory drawers for gloves, jewelry, scarves, sunglasses.
  • Tie and belt hangers
  • Ladder or Footstool to reach high shelves.
  • One or two tired garment rods, valet rods.
  • Standing or tilt-out hampers
  • Additional lighting

If you have a large room or walk-in closet, you may consider the options of an island containing shelves or drawers, dressing table, full-length mirror, storage bench or ottoman, boudoir chair, Glass display cases, luggage storage, fancy chandelier, pullout packing table, wall-mounted or pull out the ironing board or a security drawer for valuables – all made with heavy duty drawer slides that can have smooth movement without rusting. There are many options to discuss with an expert to help you achieve the most perfectly matched closet which specifically suits you.

From Designing To Completion

The time you spent with the designer is the first step towards relieving the stress of storage and closet chaos. Once the design is finalized and the measurements are confirmed, your closet is built in the state of the art factory to ensure the highest quality construction and best value. Each unit is built according to your specifications and the installation team will install the units quickly and professionally. All the installers are licensed, bonded and insured employees and take just one day for installation and the work can be accomplished within 7 to 10 days after the agreement of the final design.