How your business looks from the outside can influence a buyer’s decision. Even if you sell the most effective products or offer the most innovative services, if your business looks unkempt from the outside, you’ll have fewer chances of gaining customers. In worse cases, having bad curb appeal will create a negative brand or image, preventing your business from growing.

There are many ways to boost your business’s curb appeal, and most of these are inexpensive and easy. As long as maintained properly, and improved curb appeal can become your ticket to bring in more customers, earn more profits, and stand out from the competition.

Here are four clear ways to boost your business’s curb appeal:

1. Improve Your Landscaping

You’ll likely spend time and money to improve your home’s front yard, so why not do the same for your business? The first thing passersby will see of your business premises is the landscaping, and how it looks can make or break people’s impression of your brand.

One of the easiest yet effective ways of improving your business’s curb appeal is by improving its landscaping. A well-maintained landscape creates a warm and inviting environment, which can easily haul in more clients. Being greeted with this kind of facade will also put your customers and clients in a good mood even before they step into your office.

Depending on the size of the outdoor space and the look you want to achieve, you can rent earthmoving equipment to clear the area and add more plants. Investing in outdoor furniture and commercial lighting fixtures can be beneficial in creating a relaxing space. Furthermore, signposts or commercial flagpoles can both look good and help customers or clients find your business premises.

2. Invest In Sidewalks And Walkways

As mentioned, there are many ways to boost your business’s curb appeal, and most of these allow you to make your exteriors more functional and beautiful. These upgrades are great investments as they provide more value to your money.

Start looking for companies that offer earth moving equipment and develop a plan for your sidewalks and walkways. Consider looking into stamped and stained concrete as these take the look of your sidewalks and walkways to another level. These design options also come in a wide variety of patterns and colours, which means that you can choose ones that suit your brand.

If you already have sidewalks and walkways in your outdoor space, have them stained to create a brand-new, more modern look. Staining your existing sidewalks and walkways can also preserve their colours and make the surface more durable.

3. Repaint Your Exteriors

Who says you need to break the bank just to improve your business’s curb appeal? By repainting your business’s exteriors with another colour, you can easily achieve that goal and not worry about spending thousands of dollars.

Paint is a powerful tool that allows you to convey messages through colours. According to colour psychology, different colours have different effects on people, and choosing the right colours can become your key to making your business become more attractive to your target audience.

Your success in using paint to improve your business’s curb appeal depends on the colour you’ll choose. Pick the wrong colour, and your business might create the wrong impression that can shoo away potential customers.

If you’re clueless about which colour to use for your business’s exteriors, consider these tips:
  • Appeal to your target audience: Always think about your target audience when deciding which colour to use for your business’s exteriors. Ideally, bold colours are very attractive to younger generations, while older generations prefer neutral and muted colours.
  • Consider colour psychology: Assess what kind of mood you want people to have when they see your exteriors. If you want them to remain calm and relaxed, consider using light blue. If you want to hype up customers as they visit your office, use red.
  • Make your signages pop: If you have signages outdoors, it’s best to use lighter colours for your exteriors so they’d pop out. Using bold or darker colours for your exteriors is too distracting and might prevent passersby from noticing your signages.

4. Change Your Front Door

The front door is considered the focal point of your business’s exteriors. It draws attention from customers and passersby, and its appearance can give an idea of what people can expect inside your office.

Another way to boost your business’s curb appeal is to change your front door. This is especially important if you’ve been using the same front door for decades, or your existing door is chipped, outdated, or damaged.

Some of the best materials you can use for your front door are wood, steel, aluminium with glass, and full glass. Take the time to assess the pros and cons of each material, so you can invest in one that suits your business’s needs and brand.

Think About Your Brand

Whatever strategy you decide to follow from this article, strive to inject your brand into it. For example, when improving the landscaping, consider planting flowers with colours found in your logo. You can also use prominent logo colours when repainting your exteriors.

Incorporating your brand as you’re improving your business’s curb appeal will encourage brand recall. As a result, your business will gain better exposure from existing and new target audiences, which can increase your sales and boost customer loyalty.