Small businesses often see digital signage as an expensive marketing and communications tool reserved for large companies. Nevertheless, this is far from the case. Small business digital signage does not have to break the bank and can bring a range of benefits to your brand. Unsure about the ins and outs of digital signage? View this page on TrouDigital to get you started.

Unlike conventional print signage, digital signage provides multimedia, attention-grabbing solution to advertising products and services, informing consumers, and encouraging interaction with your business. Once purchased, these screens have low maintenance costs and bring about a high ROI.

From personalised content to giving customers a voice, here are 5 great ideas for small business digital signage to attract, educate, and connect with potential customers.

1. Welcome Customers and Personalise Content

As a small business, ensuring your business stands out above competitors is crucial. Investing in digital signage is a guaranteed way to do this. The high-brightness screen turns heads, and the multimedia capabilities, such as video, draw people in.

Make use of the varying features of digital signage to uniquely welcome customers into your small business. This content could be from simple large text designed using your recognisable brand colours and font to a video marketing message welcoming customers to your store. This signage could be situated in your window display or at your store entrance, immediately showing potential customers that you value their interaction with your brand.

One benefit of being a small business is not having corporate giants telling you what you can and cannot display. Take advantage of this and personalise the content you display from welcome messages to product advertisements. Creating this friendly atmosphere will trigger a positive association with your brand and spark brand loyalty.

2. Promote Products on Small Business Digital Signage

Digital signage provides the perfect way to promote products. Unlike static posters that blend into the wall and fail to jump out, electronic screens help products get noticed. According to Milwaukee digital screen rental company the digital screen may be a hefty cost to start, this soon outweighs the cost of paper and ink usually spent reprinting posters when products and promotions change.

To grow your business, display exclusive discounts on-screen. This exclusivity will get people talking and increase footfall into your store. Digital signage is the ideal medium for displaying promotions; you can schedule content to appear on-screen at specific times or make immediate changes to displayed content using digital signage software. This functionality ensures a deal never goes out of date and allows for last-minute promotions to be presented with little hassle, saving time and money.

This digital signage content idea is great for small businesses that want to create hype around their brand and increase sales. Research has shown that 77% of shoppers claim discounts can influence where they shop, and almost half (48%) admit a discount has sped up a purchasing decision. As a result, in-store promotions can bring growth and success to your business.

3. Inform Customers With Company Information

As a small business, displaying useful company information is a great way to use your digital signage. To help customers learn about your business, present information on opening times, health and safety, and contact details. Using digital signage, you can update this information with ease, and browsing customers will take notice.

Using digital signage, you can display various information on one screen without the screen appearing crowded or text appearing too small, as on print posters. Alternatively, use a text ticker to display company details as scrolling information anywhere on your screen. Position this small business digital signage so that it is visible to passers-by or perhaps behind the till visible to those queuing.

A great idea is to make use of a scannable QR code linking to your company website. In 2020, 84% of UK adults owned a smartphone. This figure equates to a large proportion of the UK population being able to scan a QR code to go straight to your website to learn more about your business. Due to the high brightness and screen quality of digital signage, these QR codes remain sharp. The number of scans your QR code receives also provides a way to measure interaction with your brand.

4. Social Media Content For Small Business Digital Signage

Spreading the word about your business is crucial to growing your business. With 4.14 billion people using social media worldwide, social media provides a critical platform for attracting new customers. By displaying social media content from your channels on an advertising screen in-store, your brand can extend the reach of social media product/service advertisements and marketing campaigns.

Various social media channels can be displayed on small business digital signage, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Alongside extending campaign reach, this content helps you get connected with your in-store customers, increasing your online business visibility and engagement.

By encouraging people to follow your accounts and like, comment on, and share your posts, your social media content will reach a larger audience and bring more people into your business.

Give A Voice To Your Customers

Small businesses want to build a following. One way to do this is to show you value and appreciate your customers. Display customer testimonials in text or video form (with subtitles if necessary), highlight success stories of your products or services, or even rotate a playlist of images of consenting customers using your products or services. Stream these reviews from an internal database, review site, or social media channel onto your small business digital signage.

This content creates a community spirit around your small business and makes people feel part of the business. This inclusion will lead to brand trust and, in turn, brand loyalty; research has found that 62% of consumers state they are loyal to brands they trust.

In addition, customer reviews can even increase sales; 72% of consumers will wait until they read reviews before taking action. As a result, having the hardware to display reviews in-store, and keep these up to date, will improve conversion rates and trigger purchases.


Small business digital signage can bring a range of benefits to your growing business. It can create brand awareness, modernise your store, highlight promotions, products, and services, and bring a high ROI. Digital signage is a valuable investment for any small business.