Ever heard of an 8 ball Pool game? Thinking of learning the game? If yes, then you are absolutely at the correct place. We are providing a guide to you to learn about the 8 ball pool game. 8 ball pool is a cue game with similarities of Billiards or snooker. It is also known with different names such as solids and stripes, highs and lows and many other names.

8 ball pool is a table game with 6 pockets, cue sticks, 16 billiard balls, a cue and 15 object balls. But now it is available online and can be played on your smartphone easily. So, you can play this game anywhere, anytime and with anyone. But online also, an 8 ball pool is designed with the same rules and system.

Whether you want to learn the game or you want to just give it a try, we will give you all the information about stripes and solids step by step so that you can cover all the important things about the game.

What is the stripes and solids game?

The 8 ball pool game is known as stripes and solids game, solids and stripes, spots and stripes. It is an American pocket-billiards game.

The object balls include:

The solid-coloured balls numbered 1 through 7, the seven striped balls numbered 9 to 15 will be used. All the balls will be placed in a pyramid shape and 8 balls will be at the centre. One group will be given balls from 1 to 7 and other will get balls from 9 to 15.

The pyramid shape structure of the ball will be scattered. The group will be divided based on solid balls and striped balls. All the balls are placed in such a way that all the balls connected to calls will be placed here one will be solid-coloured and the other is a striped ball. The cue ball can be put anywhere; whether it is ahead of the string or not.

In this solids and stripes game, the objective is to legally pocket the 8 ball into the called pocket. But this is the last step as first of all the balls except 8 balls will be removed from the Table by the players.

The solid and stripe game is the second most played professional pool game, after nine-ball.

Pool stripes and solids rules

Solid and striped game rules are inconsistent among all the games but there is a valid reason for that as there is a variety of 8 ball pools games available, which confuses the rules. All the rules of solid and stripes are standardized by world Pool Billiards associations-WPA. Thus, it is important to go through all the rules before you begin to play the game.

Choice of Solids or Stripes

The choice of solid and striped is not determined randomly. The first move of the player decides the solid and striped balls. If the player pocketed both balls that means solid and tried, then he has the choice to choose the balls. The table is open and the player strikes the 8 ball first, then it will be considered a foul in this game and it will give the ball to the next player to place it anywhere. If the 8 ball is pocketed when it is not legal short, then the player who has illegally pocketed the ball will lose the game. After assigning the sold balls and striped balls if a player strikes another ball before striking his ball, then it will be considered as foul. If in case it happens, then the player's turn will be over and the pocketed balls will remain pocketed.

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The stripes and solids game is where each player enters with the same amount of money. When the rake amount is deducted, the prize will be determined with the total remaining points in the game. In other words, when one player reaches zero, the total value is used to determine the prize amount of the game.


We have provided you with lots of information related to solid and stripes. It has many games and sometimes all the gaming platforms use something different which might confuse you. We have also provided you with the expected names of solid and stripes and other important things. As we have provided all the information, Getmega is one of ṣthe gaming platforms which you can consider to play and earn money and other rewards. It is also a tricky game so you must be careful enough and keep all the rules in your mind so that you avoid blunders. All the best for your new experience!