Gone are the days when books were the only source of learning. The emergence of technology that is progressively becoming more sophisticated has opened gates for new methods of learning.

Our younger ones are undoubtedly smarter and keen to learn new things. They need to be informed about so much more and have to be well versed at a lot more skills than previous generations. No generation in history ever had access to information like they have. Likewise, teaching them the curriculum and all sorts of life skills is dynamically evolving.

One powerful way through which learning can be achieved is online learning games, which the kids can easily play on the PC. Peter Grey, the author of Introductory Psychology, states the importance of computer in modern times. He stresses on the fact that it is foolish not to use the PC as a tool for learning.

The upsurge of online games and their limitless variety have developed both apprehension and hope in parents. Though gaming is criticized for the effects it can have due to addiction; no one can deny the fact that it also assists learning significantly. Game developers are coming up with some amazing games that keep kids occupied. Games make them learn almost everything from languages, social skills, science, maths, arts, or even history in a fun way.

An Oxford University study concludes that playing an hour or less of PC games resulted in kids being more social and contented later on in life.

Below, we have compiled some reasons why learning games for kids are influential in skill-building.

Promotes Conceptual Understanding

Conceptual understanding is all about learning a new concept so that you can easily apply it into situations to resolve an issue, just like the formulas in maths, or a method in science.

Several games have been developed to help the children grasp concepts well, making it a much easier and visually appealing process for them. Unlike what a boring lecture does, games develop the "understanding" skills in a child very efficiently and quickly.

Kids Learn Practically

One great quality of online learning games is that they open a virtual world for the kids where they learn a skill by literally "doing" it. Gaming platforms like MineME 500c have introduced a variety of learning games. Kids can practically learn to play a certain sport, learn to draw, navigate a place on the map, and even learn how to play musical instruments with these games.

These games are being introduced at schools as they assist the educators whenever they need to impart some practical learning to kids.

Repeated Practice Develops Excellence

They say practice makes a man perfect! And it sure does, even in the little ones.

The good things with games are that they give you chances to replay a game unlimited times. Something which you weren’t able to ace in the first attempt can easily be mastered with repeated attempts. Simply put, there is no such thing as a failure or discouragement in the world of gaming.

A game like GeoNet is an apt example of learning via repeated attempts as Chester the beaver gives you multiple chances to answer his multiple-choice questions regarding geography.

Highly Developed Critical Thinking

A very crucial skill to develop is critical thinking or strategy making, taught well by online games these days. A challenging situation in the game triggers strategizing abilities of the kid as his mind analysis and searches ways to come out of a challenge.

This is a very rare happening in normal school learning as not every child pays that much attention to a hypothetical problem put forward by the teacher. Secondly, the competitive setup of the classroom often becomes a hindrance where the child expects either his peers or the teacher to do the brainwork.

Refines Memory

Certain online games sharpen memory, so it is a good option if you want to refine your child's memory. A neurobiological study by the University of California stated that playing video games makes the hippocampus of the brain work. As a result, memory is enhanced.

Speeds up the Cognition

According to a recent study by the University of York, those who perform well in video games are found to have a high IQ.

The learning performance of a kid is developed when they play many types of learning-based games over a period of time.

It is advised to select some games that will work towards their skill-building and will be appropriate according to their age. Let them play these games for a limited time each day. You will notice a considerable difference in their learning abilities within a few weeks.

Building the Coping Skills

Strong emotions can be very scary for a child at times as his young brain is not yet developed to handle them.

Playing games teaches a child to stay positive if he fails to win them and remain calm and composed upon succeeding. Coping skills are very important as they help tackle behavior issues in children.

As artwork is one of the suggested ways to develop coping skills, you can introduce art games to your child, which can be easily found online.

Efficiently Develops Language Skills

Language skills or communication skills are a bit of a task to teach a young child. You can take help from games that are designed to help develop this skill. Trucky 3 is one such game where a child gets an opportunity to communicate about any color or shape.

Show-and-tell games, sing-along games, and guess-the-thing sorts of games assist in developing language skills. They are frequently used by teachers in schools and make learning a language fun activity for kids.

Instills the Love of Learning

The reason why game-based learning should be adopted is that it breaks the concept of learning as something tedious and boring. Kids need to learn. Therefore, the love of knowledge should be developed in them from an early age.

Developers are doing a marvelous job at designing interfaces that keep the player hooked for a good amount of time. Also, the reward system in games is highly motivating as it builds up anticipation to learn more.

Gives the Opportunity to Socialize

For a balanced and content life, adept social skills are required. How wonderful would it be that children learn many of these social skills while they are playing?

Collaboration, tolerance, congeniality, teamwork, and negotiating a conflict are few of the skills which get developed while playing certain multiplayer video games. It takes much of the work off your shoulders as teaching these skills otherwise is not an easy thing to do.

Scattergories is one such group game which can be played over zoom. You can make use of such games alongside your regular activities if you wish to foster a well-rounded social skillset in your child conveniently.

Parting Thoughts

Learning through games is a concept that has seen wide acceptability among both parents and teachers as it has proven to be highly effective for kids. These games also help to avoid violent activities by diverting their attention towards more positive and useful games.

Imparting education and building necessary skills via games will be used on a higher level in the coming future. Depending on each child’s likeability, appropriate games can be selected and introduced to them to promote learning. It will also help them adapt to the futuristic ways beforehand.