If you live in a house or apartment where you have your own plumbing system, there are a few ways to save some cash. One of these is to take care of small problems as soon as they arise. Unfortunately, putting off plumbing repairs can cost money and even cause other potential problems down the line. In fact, San Diego plumbing companies say that you can expect to pay from five to ten times more if you leave plumbing repair for months or even years. The following are some of the ways that putting off a plumbing repair can cost you.

Water Waste

If you have a leak, you should fix it right away. Bad leaks can actually cause serious damage to the integrity of your property. Most of the time, you can tell where the leak is coming from by looking for discolouring water on walls or ceilings. If you can see the leak, then make sure to let the professionals know right away. You should either repair the leak or shut off the water right away to avoid wastage and consequently higher water bills.

Mould Damage

Water leaks can cause mould and mildew damage over time if they are not repaired immediately. All this green stuff can lower the value of your property and could actually be harmful to your health as well. This is particularly true if there are children or elderly people in your home that might develop allergies or breathing issues from breathing in mould spores for long periods of time. It is common for mould damage to occur when the air circulation is insufficient due to a leaking faucet or other problems with the home's ventilation system. By fixing leaks right away, you can prevent mould damage and help keep your family safe.

Costly Repairs

The longer you wait to fix a leaky faucet, the more damage it will do to your home's pipes and fixtures. This is because the leak will make your pipes more prone to freeze. Frozen pipes can cause severe damage to your home's plumbing system. This means that you might need to make costly repairs to get the water flowing again. Also, If you don't promptly fix a leak, then it will cause clogged pipes and flooding in other areas of your home. So, in fact, you could end up paying more money in the long run.

Unsafe Water

If you don't work quickly to patch up leaks or other small plumbing issues, then water can be dangerous for your family and pets. This is because water that is exposed to mould and mildew can contain harmful bacteria that can make people and animals ill. So, if you don't work quickly to fix any leaks or other small plumbing problems, then you should assume that there is a dangerous amount of water in your home or apartment. And you will have to incur all of the costs to get your water safety tested and cleaned up.

Underfloor Heating Damage

If you don't work quickly to patch up leaks or other small plumbing problems, then water could cause damage to your underfloor heating system. This is because water that is exposed to mould and mildew can damage the insulation on underfloor heating pipes. The result of this problem is that more money will be required to replace the ducts in your home's heating system. Also, the longer you wait to repair a leaky faucet, the more damage it can do over the course of time. So, it is always better to get any leaky faucets fixed right away.


If you don't work quickly to repair a leak, then it can flood your home or apartment. This is especially dangerous if you have water in an area where it is not supposed to be. For example, in your basement. If you allow water to pool here, then it can cause serious damage to the foundation of your home. This is because water has a lot of energy, and if it goes unchecked for a while, then it will break things down and flood other parts of your home. If that happens, then you will have to pay a lot more money to get the repairs done.

Leaky faucets are small plumbing problems that can be very dangerous to your home. So it is important to fix these leaks right away if you want to avoid any of the problems listed above. So contact a professional plumber today and schedule an appointment to have the leak fixed. Because when something leaks, it is never just an inconvenience. It is actually a serious danger to your home's plumbing system.