Xirena clothing is a line of clothes by designer Dierdre Roffoni, who attempted to use her personal experience exploring the island of Formentera, Spain, to create a carefree lifestyle brand for those with a bohemian spirit. As many call it, bohemian fashion or boho fashion focuses on comfort and function over fashion. However, it is also filled with beauty and movement. She took several elements of bohemian fashion and worked them into her entire collection. She wanted to create clothes for those who feel free-spirited and led by comfort instead of appearance. However, she shows that you don't have to sacrifice comfort for fashion. You can have both.

Here are a few examples of how Xirena's clothes exemplify boho fashion.


The bohemian style utilizes a balance of natural earth tones and splashes of bright colours and designs. Roffoni has exemplified this through her complete line of tops, pants, dresses, knitwear, jumpsuits, and more. She includes stripes, geometric designs, and graphic designs such as the iconic evil eye in her clothing line to create contrast with the otherwise neutral tone. She stays away from colours that are too harsh or extreme. She avoids neon colours, jewel tones, and primary colours throughout. She focuses on muted shades keeping calm throughout every piece.


Boho fashion is known for its natural and worn textures. It is about comfort and softness and gives into natural fibres. Roffoni focused on these natural fibres, including cotton and wool, throughout her line and included a separate collection of knitwear within the entire line. Everything she creates embraces the image of comfort and softness. The clothes look like they were made for the carefree lifestyle of a traveller, nomad, or hippie. While they are more sophisticated than the traditional handmade look of hippie fashion, they are reminiscent of that era.

Eclectic Elements

Roffoni further exemplifies boho fashion by including eclectic elements throughout her designs. These elements include her use of random designs, colours, and graphics. It also has her jewellery line, which is designed to go with any clothing within the line. The eclectic nature of boho fashion also opens itself to mix-and-matching the various pieces throughout the line. Even the jumpsuits and dresses are designed to be paired with other pieces. The colour scheme furthers this intention by allowing neutrals to be paired and giving a splash of colour throughout. The colour throughout the jewellery line can also be paired with multiple pieces and layered.


Boho fashion is devoid of structure. Roffoni exemplifies this with oversized and loose-fitting tops and dresses, oversized jumpsuits, flowing skirts, and soft baggy pants. The pieces are also designed so that they can easily be layered. The lack of structure coupled with the natural textures makes each item of clothing extremely comfortable, making it easy for the wearer to move around and live their life without being restricted by their clothes. In addition to allowing the wearer to move around easily, the clothes themselves have flow and movement due to their lack of structure. Visit Buddy Love to get your own pair of women's boho pants.

Traditional bohemian fashion grew over time and was developed out of necessity. It is rooted in the fashion of the Romani people, who were nomads and spent their lives travelling. It was made from natural textures and elements because it was readily available, and many Roma people made their clothes. Due to their life travelling, functionality and comfort were vitally important to them. However, Roffoni's line is not intended for just Roma people. Instead, it is intended to take on their spirit in their traditional clothes' styles, colours, and textures. Bohemian fashion grew out of this rich culture and people.