Owning a car gives you tons of responsibilities, and one of these is to keep it from breaking. Everyone hates it when their car breaks down, but sometimes we just don't notice the issue with our vehicle, and ignoring it isn't the best idea either. This might lead to inconvenience and the safety of yourself and your passengers.

So, in this article, we are going to talk about some important car parts. Of course, all parts are important but we narrowed it down to the most important ones that you mustn't ignore and prevent from breaking.


Winter is near, and you better keep an eye on your battery. Cold weather can cause your car batteries to become flat and faulty. Other common reasons for faulty batteries are leaving your headlights on while your engine isn't running and using too many accessories and interior lights. To avoid this, always make sure to turn off everything before you leave your car.

Car batteries mostly have an average life of 5 years. If you notice that your car won't suddenly start or keep stalling, your car battery might be dying. This is another common reason for a flat battery. You can recharge it but it's better to have it replaced. If you are having problems with your car battery, it's always best to go to your local auto repair shop and have it checked.


One of the many causes of car accidents is brake failure. It is kind of scary to think while you are driving then your brake suddenly stops working. This is why it is very important to have your car mechanic check your brakes. Now, what are the common causes of brake failures and how do we avoid them?

The most common causes of brake failures are when your drum and disc brake wears out that it may no longer put enough grip to stop your car wheels. Another is having a leak in your car brake lines that could lead to draining out your brake fluid.

You can always see the signs when there is something wrong with your brakes. It's a warning sign when you see that the pedal is stuck in an odd position or it slowly sinks into the floor. You might want to have it checked with your car repair shop to avoid serious car problems in the future.


Have you ever seen a movie where a car breaks down and, suddenly, smoke starts to rise from the front? It may look like a special effect in the film but those kinds of engine failures are real. The heart and essence of the car, the engine is the muscle that makes your car run like the wind. Without it, your vehicle becomes a useless piece of scrap metal that even auto repair California can't fix.

It's time to learn some of the signs of early engine failure now that we've established how important engines are. When your engine is experiencing a frequent rise in temperature, it might be overheating. One of the most common causes of engine failure, overheating is caused by a coolant leak or a faulty cooling fan. If ever my engine starts overheating, then it's time to have it checked in a car repair near me.


You might be thinking, "why are wipers included in this list? They don't really matter". But, picture this. You're driving home from work when, out of nowhere, strong rain came pouring down. It's raining so hard that the water on your windshield is obstructing your view and causing you to hit a tree.

That accident would've been prevented if only you had working wipers. Wipers may seem like they don't matter but everything that comes in a car has its purpose. Luckily, it's easy to tell when your wipers need fixing. A visit to a car wiper repair shop will do the job.


One of the commonly neglected car parts is the mirrors. Although we use them every time we're driving, we don't mind as much if they get chipped or broken. Some people would even go as far as not using them at all and just look behind while driving because they can't be bothered to have it fixed. This kind of mindset will only lead to serious injuries and accidents on the road. If you have a damaged mirror, just go to your local car side mirror repair establishment and have it mended to save yourself and others while driving.


Cars and all kinds of vehicles are subject to wear and tear every day which makes their parts breaking unavoidable. I have an auto repair near me in case of emergencies so I suggest you find one in your area too. It also helps if you have a specialist like a car weatherstripping repair shop handy as well for those specific fixes.