If you feel you've been disqualified unfairly, the very first and most effective option is to visit the official support site for the game and file a complaint about the matter. Remember, you should only choose this option if believe that you've been unfairly punished since then you'll have an argument that is strong and the odds are you'll likely be able to get your ban reversed which means you'll be allowed to return to the game when the ban is lifted.

Hardware Identification

A short form to mean Hardware Identification or Hardware ID, an HWID Spoofer can be described as an authentication method used by Microsoft when activating Windows. Windows operating system. In the Product activation system that is used to activate the operating system, unique HWID numbers are generated each time the operating system is initially put on the piece hardware. The HWID is used to identify what physical components which the My Paste Text operating system uses.
Every time you reboot, the operating system generates another HWID and compare it with the first to ensure your operating system is running on the same device.

Change your PC HWID

Our HWID spoofer can actually alter your PC's HWID numbers which allow us to conceal your computer from anti-cheat, which means you will not receive an HWID ban. After you have become a VIP member on our site, we will give you immediately gain access to our HWID Spoofer download, so that you won't get any bans from the game's developers.
Windows devices usually come with several hardware IDs. They are not allowed to have over 64. Users of devices may also be able to make an HWID that is a unique website.
Users might need to look into the Device Manager on their computer in the event that the hardware ID can't be recognized or is marked as illegitimate or invalid.

Get yourself a VPN

To get around the HWID ban, you'll almost certainly require a VPN. There are several free choices available; however, most of their IP addresses are already blacklisted on most websites and games, making it hard to overcome any HWID or IP prohibitions using their IP pool. You have no risk because you can cancel your subscription and get your money back if you don't succeed in getting around the HWID prohibition. But here's where it becomes complicated. Most VPNs provide a pool of IP addresses that can be used by any of their customers.
Use a VPN service that gives you a dedicated IP address to solve this problem. This implies that in addition to having access to all of the service's public IP addresses, they will assign you a dedicated IP address to which you will be the sole "owner," meaning that no one else will be able to use it.

This feature isn't available on all VPN services. NordVPN is the only one that offers high-quality dedicated IP addresses, can be fully trusted, and is reasonably priced compared to the competitors. I strongly advise you to use NordVPN for this, as well as any other, purposes. You won't have to pay for any further subscriptions because you'll be able to use them on any device.