Are you worried about ageing early or developing wrinkles at a young age? As you approach your late twenties, ageing begins to creep in. There are many ways to help prevent ageing at this age; some of the most crucial ones being checking your diet and skincare regimen.

Eating a healthy diet is important for your body and skin. You need to make sure that you are getting plenty of vitamins and minerals and choosing healthy foods over fatty ones, but the occasional cheat day has never hurt anyone. Staying out of the sun and keeping stress at a minimum can also have astounding effects on your skin appearance. Using skin care products designed to work with your specific skin type and adopting a consistent routine is an effective way to ensure that your skin retains its youthful appearance and does not develop signs of ageing. You can shop for pro-aging collections at ManukaRx for quality and affordable skincare products and effective pro-Aging tips you can use to stay younger for longer.

From Age 25 to 35

In this age range, the key is to control hormone production in the body. Our bodies produce high amounts of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone which encourage or block growth and remodelling, respectively. It would also be wise to limit sugar, which has been shown to reduce skin elasticity, and sugar alcohols, which slow down wound healing.

From Age 35 to 50

The number of collagen-forming cells in the skin at this age is usually lower than your younger years, meaning your natural collagen levels are low. You can counter this by focusing on exfoliating and nourishing skin treatments. Exfoliation encourages the growth of new vibrant skin cells that will certainly make you look younger.

A proper diet is essential to keeping your skin looking young and youthful. Cut back on red meat, saturated fats, alcohol, and anything that could contribute to a greasy complexion. Do not forget to sleep and rest well for better skin pigmentation.

From Age 36 to 45

At this age, you should increase your vitamin C dosage to 2000 mg per day. Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant that will help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Avoid alcohol and smoking. Alcohol and smoking will negatively affect your collagen levels, resulting in skin wrinkles and visible face lines.

From Age 46 to 54

From the age of 46 to 54, most individuals will have gained more than a few pounds. This shows that weight gain is a vital sign of ageing. It is important to eat a diet that includes fatty foods, such as meat and dairy products. While at it, make sure to exercise regularly. Staying active helps you keep fit just as much as it rejuvenates the skin. Keep in mind that your skin is highly adaptive, which means that if you tweak one thing in your routine, your skin is likely to change as well. Make small changes to your regimen at first and work your way up to your ultimate skin goals.

From Age 56 to 65

Healthy living starts early, so start by exercising in the morning. As we age, our bones thin, so start by doing a 20-minute aerobic exercise routine like walking, swimming, or dancing three times a week.

Your skin gets less sensitive with age, so it's essential to exfoliate and use light treatments. You can incorporate an anti-ageing product if you want to get nip those wrinkles and fine lines in the bud. Since your skin is drier, makeup won't look as good. That is why it is crucial to drink lots of water and use non-comedogenic moisturizers(those that do not clog the pores). Also, sun exposure largely contributes to premature skin ageing, and you should use sunscreen always. We recommend broad-spectrum sunscreens that offer chemical-free protection to prevent damage from the sun. You can also use moisturizers with SPF at night to protect your skin from the harsh effects of the sun. Products with SPF 30 and above are recommended for maximum protection from UV rays. Get the right amount of sleep, water, and rest, and you'll get a healthy glow.

Your skin, like anything else, requires the right amount of nurturing to attain its true potential. Follow the pro-ageing tips we have mentioned above and your skin will look younger, become firmer and more elastic, and have that beautiful glow you desire.