Jeff Lerner is a successful internet entrepreneur, and he has been shooting down scams all over the place. He is an active part of the owner of many businesses and has created many more successful internet business models. This is something that he's been doing for several years. People close to him can see clearly that his knowledge of internet money-making is extensive, unlike those scams out there. He's smart enough to understand how the industry works, but he also knows how to come up with attractive ideas to attract interested people.

His first positive business model was a platform-based digital publishing platform. Jeff Lerner reviews show that this was developed in 2021 and was actually sold before its official launch. Lerner managed to make this platform attract several digital entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs came and contributed to the platform's development, making it what it is today.

A second positive platform was a membership site for learning. It was initially designed for a specific purpose: to help many people who were looking to learn Spanish. Some Jeff Lerner reviews say that as its popularity grew, it became something Jeff Lerner could monetize. It led to a thriving affiliate business model. This is the model in which an affiliate earns a commission by selling someone else's service or product. There are many affiliate opportunities today, thanks to the Internet marketing industry.

An interesting affiliate business model review says Jeff Lerner developed a website allowing users to upload photos. The site was then offered as a free service to anyone willing to volunteer their photos. People who wanted to upload their photos could do so, and the site would take care of the rest. When a user decides to buy a product or avail of services from a company using the photos he uploaded on his site, he would be asked to pay a small fee. This worked well for Lerner, who made $6,000 per month with this particular business.

Jeff Lerner - A Legit Successful Online Entrepreneur that Hates Scams

As we read about Jeff Lerner, we see he started his first online entrepreneurship with this simple concept. Many entrepreneurs start doing what they love, which brings them joy. Lerner chose to use this passion to help make money.

Lerner then took this exact blueprint to create two more successful affiliate programs. The first one was a program called Online Business Pro, or OBP. This program taught aspiring entrepreneurs how to make money through affiliate marketing. Through OBP, numerous marketers earned commissions on products sold. After selling close to one million dollars worth of products, Jeff Lerner stepped back and founded a new venture called Online Marketing Academy.

This second blueprint is what makes Online Marketing Academy so successful. Online Marketing Academy still needs to change how Jeff Lerner sold products or how affiliate marketers sell products today. It did change how these marketers choose to promote products. Through Online Marketing Academy, marketers learned how to promote products using the power of article marketing, video marketing, blogging, press releases, social networking, and email marketing. These techniques are the core elements that have made the Internet a powerful force in global business today.

The legit Jeff Lerner is another example of a successful online business owner. Like many other entrepreneurs, he found a way to leverage his passion for the Internet into a source of passive income. His blueprint, or business system, provided him with a solid educational foundation to build from and helped him and others avoid scams. His success with Online Marketing Academy is another example of how knowledge can be powerful. With the help of good mentors, Jeff Lerner learned how to create a successful online business by taking an information-based approach.