Selling a commercial property isn’t as simple as it was during the yesteryears. Factors that affect commercial real estate (CRE) sales now vary from what they were before. Nowadays, plenty of focus is often directed towards marketing a commercial property to potential buyers.

Influencing potential buyers through different marketing strategies is how you can make a sale as quickly as possible. There are various ways to approach it, mostly a combination of evergreen methods and new and relevant ones for today’s market. To sell your CRE, you must present it well to your potential buyers so you can increase its visibility.

Marketing in real estate has changed due to many things, such as digital marketing and social media. In this article, you’ll learn some good ways to handle promoting your CRE for sale in today’s market. Here are marketing tips for selling your commercial property in 2024.

Sell the location

Much like in residential real estate, potential buyers of CREs also consider the location of the property they’re looking to buy. You should use the property’s location as a promotional asset to sell it. Location is also vital for investors looking to start or expand their businesses. Learn More About 5 Huge Advantages of Selling Online - The Secrets Revealed

Look for things around your property’s location that you can leverage for selling it. For instance, including your warehouse near the main road makes it more appealing. It means a delivery route is accessible, reducing delivery time, which most e-commerce businesses aim to do.

The location also significantly affects your property’s commercial valuation, which affects its pricing. It will be valued higher than most if it's an optimal location.

Knowing your target audience also comes into play when using your location as selling leverage. Specific demographics, interests, and objectives impact CRE purchase decisions.

Target life events on Facebook

Life events are an excellent point to aim your social media ads at when selling CRE. Life events is a Facebook status update feature that allows users to post an update or something new about their lives. You can use that to target more potential buyers when rolling out your Facebook ads. Learn More About Top 5 Key Features of Facebook.

When you register as a Facebook advertiser, you have access to aim your ads at specific life events. It’s beneficial because particular life events may require real estate space to accommodate them. For example, you can target users who “started a new business” or “moved to a new city” with your CRE ads.

You can target users who recently created a new life event within your property’s target geographic area. It’s also a more direct approach to marketing it to more people under your target audience. You’re catering to them and their possible needs, which means you’re hitting two birds with one stone using paid media.


Automation is the game's name in technology right now, and you can also use it to streamline your marketing campaign. It will make stuff much easier because it reduces production time, and you won’t have to do everything. You can set everything up, and the software will do it.
You can automate your email marketing campaign to engage your subscribers constantly. Tools like Emma are easy-to-use email automation platforms that can help you relay your promotional messaging without breaking a sweat. Learn More About How to Automate HR.