Online sales websites employ a wide range of sales and marketing tactics to give the customers a reason to stick to the site and buy products. E-commerce will not see a declining trend shortly. Nowadays selling mobile phones is a business that is more common than one could ever think of. The life span of smartphones is increasing because of improved technology, but majority of people in the UK change their mobile phone even before the last one dies out.

The Internet is a platform that offers a wide range of shopping websites. Millions of people surf on the internet every day for things they want to buy; there is an increasing trend of buying everything online – from grocery to mobile phones. You can sell mobile online at different websites; this will bring a win-win scenario for both the customer as well as the buyer.

Advantages of online selling

In the current era of technological advancements, online sale is the best way to sell your mobile phone at a high-profit margin. SellTheMobile is a price comparison website providing an efficient way to the customers for selling their mobile phones. Online selling is preferable over the traditional market as it gives customers a good value on selling their smartphones.

Gone are the days when people were concerned about scams regarding online shopping and selling. Mobile phones bought and sold online come with similar warranty claims as market selling. You can easily avail convenient facilities from your doorstep to sell your mobile phone, and you don’t even have to go through the hassle of going to the market.

The business of selling phones online has numerous benefits for the seller:

  • Customers incur lower costs in online selling compared to selling through offline marketing;
  • Customers can sell their mobile phone from any location;
  • Online selling gives access to a much wider target market;
  • Online selling has lesser restrictions. While selling smartphones online through SellTheMobile there are no time frame boundaries, customers can log into the website and sell any model at any time;
  • Special offers and incentives are available on online selling; look out for special deals coming up and avail them to earn a better value on selling your mobile phone.
  • The tactics used to increase sales while conducting business offline can be used to boost the sale activities while doing business online.
  • When selling smartphone online, you can insert any number of pictures, reviews and specs to make your offer appealing to prospective buyers;
  • From the many websites available to sell mobile online, SellTheMobile lets the customers determine various options to pick one of their choices. 
  • Selling online gives you a chance to convince your buyer with information. Online mobile phone selling websites provide an overview through the informative blog articles posted on the site to find a smartphone suiting their needs.

Sell your old phones to get in line

The most convenient and quick way of getting cash for a smartphone is by selling it directly to recycling companies. Similar to the trade-in services, you are able to get an estimated price for your smartphone online just by answering some basic questions. This price is most reasonable and is locked for a specified period.

Once you send the device, it first gets inspected before the amount is paid to the customer. A fantastic thing about these services is that the customers are assigned the packaging with prepaid postage and all they have to do is just box up the phone and send it.

Get a free price estimate

If you are unsure how much your old mobile phone is worth, just enter your mobile phone model at and get instant price estimates – totally free, within no time at all!

If you are aiming to sell to individuals, you might have to wait for ages before you get the right offer. However, if you decide to sell to recycling companies, you can sell it much quicker. You can also negotiate the price with the seller.

Selling online makes you environment-friendly

Selling mobile phones online is an environment-friendly procedure as you recycle the smartphone that isn’t being used anymore. These phones can be used to produce refurbished devices so that they can be resold to customers. Smartphones being sold online also reduce hazardous emissions of dangerous chemicals. This way you ensure that the old gadgets are not sitting somewhere in a landfill.
When the hardware of the mobile phone starts to break or rot down, it emits some nasty chemicals that are harmful to living beings. Such compounds are released into the surrounding water and the air that we breathe in. Selling the smartphones online decreases such vulnerabilities. Selling online causes minimum damage to the environment and will set your conscience free. 

Easy to sell with online buyers

While selling your mobile phone through a physical store, you have to find a store that meets your demand for a price of sale and go from one store to another. Whereas when you sell your old device online, you are selling directly to numerous buyers who offer you all that you need without any need for much online surfing.

Get rid of the old e-junk

When we buy new smartphones, but the old mobile phones still lurk around somewhere in the closets of millions of people. A few people sell out their old smartphones or trade them in to get money for the next purchase, but the majority of old mobile phones lie forgotten to gather dust and depreciate their value gradually.

When your phone gives you a tough time, you should replace it right away instead of waiting for it to become worthless. You can sell your broken or damaged the phone and its accessories online as well. You can auction your phone by giving all the details in the description column.

Mobile phone technology on the go

Selling or buying a mobile phone online is easy and challenging at the same time. The range of choices and the various options available are baffling as well as mind-boggling. There are literally endless possibilities when it comes to online selling; you can sell to anyone in any corner of the world for any rate that you both agree on. When you sell mobile online, you can sell to individuals, resellers, business, recycling companies or anyone.

Online smartphone selling portals like SellTheMobile develop a different distribution channel so that you have numerous options and can choose the one that suits your preferences. Another benefit of selling through a favourite medium is that it is least likely to be scammed. Recycling companies have a repute to uphold, so they are upright about their dealings.

5 huge advantages of online selling

There are numerous benefits of online selling, however, the following are 5 huge advantages of selling smartphone online:
  1. Saves time: if you want to sell instantly, online medium is the best.
  2. Saves hassle: you do not have to wander through markets and different stores.
  3. Gives more extensive options: you can choose among various options available for online selling.
  4. Gets better price: you can settle on a better price among the available options.
  5. No physical barriers: you can sell from anywhere to a buyer at any location.
Even if you have never sold anything online, selling iPhone online is easier than you think. Merely go to and enter your mobile phone model. You will see range of options, select the one you like and sell right away!